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I'd up the cuts with the wood saw and metal saw to at least 10. 3 cuts sounds way to few to give you a representative result at what they might do. Also some saws cut good on the initial few cuts but then start jamming once they are inside the material.

Gerber metal files don't cave a cutting edge. And the Compact Sports doesn't have it at all and also no saw.

Maybe add a segment to your review on how good the files work, how much material you can file off. Personally I use the file much more often than the metal saw part of that specific tool.

Also if you go the SOG PPP route to have comparable pliers, you'll lack the wood saw and scissors to do the other tests.

So two options are either add those tools to your PPP (easily doable) and MP400 to compare the individual tools or fail the multies on those points for lacking the required components. :D
Feedback / Re: Etherealicer
« Last post by Etherealicer on Today at 01:57:56 PM »
Thanks for the flowers :salute:

Just today I walked by a shop and they suddenly have Wengers in their window :think:, what year is it :think:. One of them is a business tool (Red, no idea which Version and what the price is as it was facing to the inside of the shop and that shop won't be open till tuesday :ahhh).
The Outdoor Edge / Re: Bike porn thread
« Last post by Gareth on Today at 01:57:02 PM »
Frankly, that lad's skills make me want to say "superhuman".  Unbelievable what he, and others, are willing to even try on a bike, let alone actually do. :o
Gadget Freak and EDC Forum / Re: Wenger Military 79082
« Last post by enki_ck on Today at 01:54:35 PM »
Forget the metal band. >:D

That watch would look sweet on a black NATO band. :dd:

Let us know how the restoration progresses. :tu:
Yes, still available...
Edged Tools / Re: Fake Ka-Bar USMC knife.
« Last post by Gareth on Today at 01:46:49 PM »
I does look well made, doesn't it!

I've had a play with a couple of originals and I was surprised with just how light they were, for some reason it'd always looked like a heavy knife to me, but not so at all. :)
The Outdoor Edge / Re: The real danger of kayaking...
« Last post by Gareth on Today at 01:41:15 PM »
Beavers are in all the news lately following a number of attacks this year.  I attribute this largely to "new" kayakers and outdoors people.  Beavers are very dangerous animals, but are largely nocturnal.  If people are encountering them during the day, it's probably because they have been disturbed somehow.

I always give beaver dams a wide berth for just this reason.  They may not be overly aggressive, but let's face it, a 50+ pound animal with the ability to eat through a tree is not something you want to be on the bad side of.

As a kayaker I have to say this story is much more terrifying:


Great Whites and Bull Sharks have always been fairly common around here, but studies are showing that their numbers are increasing.


Sent from my smurfing hunk of techno sorcery

Getting away from the innuendo for a sec, I have to say that's pretty scary. :o  Reminds me of that popular pic of a kayak being followed by a shark.
The Outdoor Edge / Re: The real danger of kayaking...
« Last post by Gareth on Today at 01:38:57 PM »
"Watch out, beavers can eat wood"?

Edged Tools / Fake Ka-Bar USMC knife.
« Last post by Chako on Today at 01:35:09 PM »
Curiosity raised its head once again, and I found myself buying a what I thought might be a fake Ka-Bar (but could have been a real one) at a local pawn shop. They had about a dozen of these boxed along with 2 on display. When I looked at it, I knew I would take one home. I didn't pay much for it, but I do dislike fake products that try to fool the unknowledgeable...and that person was me. See,, this fake was a good one, and I truthfully didn't know what a real one should look like. My only warning was the low price. I figured for that price, it was a fake. At the same time, I thought just maybe it might be real. That didn't stop me from acquiring one however. I have said before, I do enjoy a good fake. A quick look online told me straight away it was a fake. I ended up buying one of the displays as all the other boxed ones had mold growing on their sheaths. No thank you!

As far as copies go, this knife is made with a real leather sheath. The handle is nice and comfortable. I do love these leather washer type handles on a knife. I am certain the material and quality isn't up to par with the real thing. The blade is solid with no movement. I am positive the steel is inferior to the real thing, and I am sure this is the real let down with this copy. The leather is real and the knife feels real...but the steel I am guessing, I would be the place they tried to save money compared to the real deal. Otherwise, if one didn't know, the knife actually feels of good quality. Craftsmanship is very acceptable...not something I would associate with a copy to be honest. I am sure the hidden stuff is where the corners were cut with this knife.

After looking online, I could tell right away there are a few things missing on this copy. The sheath does not have the Ka-Bar logo stamped onto the top part. The knife itself doesn't have any markings on the ricasso. Also the hand guard is thicker and straighter compared to the original.

You know, I had to order a real one off of eBay to compare them once it comes in.

Even as a copy, it is still a beautiful looking knife.

Real leather...and that is what threw me off at first. I was thinking a copy would come in pleather or something of its ilk. Guess not.

Note the straight and thick hand guard and no markings on the ricasso at all on either side.

No mater what, I still like the look of leather washer type handles.

This being my first time handling a Ka-Bar facsimile, I am impressed with the size, weight, and comfort inherent of this design.

I presume this is the tang visible from the handle butt. Of course, this being a copy, who knows.

Now I can't wait to compare this to a real one. Seeing that I tend to collect hunting knives and survival knives, I am going to categorize this into the hunting knife section. Not that far of a stretch I guess.  :D  :facepalm:
The Outdoor Edge / Re: The real danger of kayaking...
« Last post by Gareth on Today at 01:34:45 PM »
I have heard that flashing your pink kayak is a very effective beaver reppellent. :D

 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I love this forum. :D

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