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Used nothing but a classic to repair fuel line on my motorbike

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Swiss Forum / Re: Syph's absolutely no life giveaway
« Last post by Sparkydave on Today at 07:38:34 PM »
Hi can I enter?

The view from my terrace thanks for the opportunity

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Leatherman Tools / Re: What did you use your Leatherman for today?
« Last post by ducttapetech on Today at 07:28:40 PM »
Used my Surge to do some plumbing today. Had to run some 4inch think wall and 2 inch outside under the house.

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Swiss Forum / Re: Survival Kit SOS-Set 1.8816
« Last post by SAK Guy on Today at 07:28:21 PM »
Great setup!!!!!   :drool:    Welcome!!!! 
Yeah, this one is nicer than the buckle one.
Swiss Forum / Re: Swiss Tool X
« Last post by Top-Gear-24 on Today at 07:25:52 PM »
All I can say is that the Swisstool is about the only tool that gave me that "special feeling" when I held it in my hands for the first time, the same feeling that I had when I got my very first multitool (my '94 Supertool) 20 years ago ...

And it's quite strange, because I know that a Spirit offers the same (and maybe even better) tool loadout in a smaller package, still the Swisstool seems to get more time on the belt  :think:.

Anyway, here are some pics of the Swisstool vs the ST300, so you have an idea what they look like side by side.

And now some random pics ...  :whistle:

Swiss Forum / Re: Syph's absolutely no life giveaway
« Last post by SAK Guy on Today at 07:22:43 PM »
Swiss Forum / Re: Syph's absolutely no life giveaway
« Last post by Etherealicer on Today at 07:05:34 PM »
Yes, best LM to partner with a CT :tu:

Great design and I second the motion for a LM Mini 2.0. I carried the PS4 with my SAK but those pliers are not even close to the one from the Mini. The compactness is awesome
The Mini is awesome, Multitools are awesome, everything is Awesome, Lego is awesome (sorry just watched the Lego Movie) :whistle:
The Break Room / Re: Extremely Random thoughts.
« Last post by JAfromMn on Today at 06:56:41 PM »
I'm going to go bury my dog.

I found a nice spot in the woods on my in laws land.

last time I was there I got jumped by my wife's 3 uncles. I told myself I would never go back.

I got to suck it up.
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