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Leatherman Tools / Re: Official MTO SEPTEMBER - ALL REBAR CHALLENGE
« Last post by powernoodle on Today at 07:01:45 PM »
Powernoodle Day 28

Mrs. Rebar enjoys some light reading on a rainy day.
Wingman scissors still available?
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: What's your latest SAK?
« Last post by T14 on Today at 06:58:31 PM »

Congrats, I use mine a lot :tu:

Cheers. It is destined to become mod fodder for one of my two-layer projects eventually. Although I change my mind about the specifics once every hour or so  :think:
I really hope I can transplant the scales without damaging them   :ahhh
Leatherman Tools / Re: What is being carried today ?
« Last post by Poncho65 on Today at 06:56:09 PM »
Pulse today, recycled pic

(Image removed from quote.)

Awesome pic Steve :like: I love the awl in that :dd: :cheers:
Spartan and Forester.
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Swiza Swiss Army Knives
« Last post by sawman on Today at 06:53:37 PM »

They're STILL making these???

Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: My SAK and my BIC
« Last post by shibafu on Today at 06:48:48 PM »
I'd be curious to hear what they say! Has it always been this way?

Maybe the Maxi ones last such a long time that shop owners can't be bothered to stock them? :think: It's a conspiracy I tell ya! :D Maybe because of the price? Clippers being refillable does sound plausible.

Well kudos to Bic, I got a helpful reply from a lady called Cheryl.  The Maxi Bics are officially available in the UK.  But only a couple of wholesalers carry them: EFG Housewares and Palmer & Harvey.  And Bic don't know of any retailers at the national level.  It's possible some Costcutter convenience stores may have them, as apparently they're supplied by Palmer & Harvey.

So it seems we don't get them just because most wholesalers and retailers are choosing not to stock them, as simple as that.
Edged Tools / Re: Show us your fixed blades
« Last post by Sparky415 on Today at 06:43:44 PM »

Nice  :drool:
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Swiza Swiss Army Knives
« Last post by shibafu on Today at 06:35:33 PM »
BTW I've actually email Swiza to ask if they have any plans to offer non-locking versions, maybe others who'd like to see this could also harass them ask them about this?

I hope they will.  It would be incredibly trivial for them to do.  The backspring is strong enough already.
General Tool Discussion / Re: What tool did you carry today?
« Last post by colt 1911 on Today at 06:26:36 PM »
I've been carrying my trusty Rebar non stop.  I use the hell out of it and it keeps on ticking!

The Rebar is truly a great MT :tu: I wished it had those extra few features mine has now but I did carry it stock for quite a long time :cheers:
Yours is killer, can I send you mine

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