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I hadn't heard of MEINDL before but I can tell you these seem like good quality boots :tu: Enjoy!

How do you like the Pioneer X so far?

Haven't used it much, I've carried it a couple of days, but apart from the regular loose thread the Pioneer X hasn't seen any real use ...  but still, it's an alox with a pair of scissors, so it will always be great in my opinion  ;).
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Pioneer X problems
« Last post by tattoosteve99 on Today at 01:15:44 AM »
As most of you know me as a modder and sak fan I feel its my duty to inform you all of a potential problem/safety concern. i have already modded a few of the X variants and while this new model is a long awaited thing I see problems. The problem I have seen is that every one I have taken apart has bent center pins. What exactly this means is that snap will be lost over time due to excessive wear of this pin. Although I doubt any will break as of yet, this is a concern to me. I don't know how many and if anyone else has noticed this but please chime in if you have. I am not a collector, far from it as you know, but this needs to be addressed here in the community as well as Victorinox headquarters. I have already sent messages to various people including Mr. Elsner to try to make them aware of this if they do not already know. I would hope this would not change your minds on the quality of Vic, it doesn't mine, and as with all new things some "bugs" need to be worked out. I do really care how Vic handles this as I can see some of the things that need to be fixed for this. Please feel free to post your concerns or questions here and if you feel so inclined message Victorinox and lets see if we can get this fixed :) :climber: :climber: :climber:
Miscellaneous Items / Re: Flashlights for sale - NIB
« Last post by JP on Today at 01:13:53 AM »

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The Break Room / Re: Anyone watch the tv show Alone? [SPOILERS!]
« Last post by JP on Today at 01:13:40 AM »
Do you think all of the footage gets reviewed or do the contestants log events to help out  ie Day 3 6am, caught a fish.

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Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: The Pioneer X Owners Club
« Last post by SAK Guy on Today at 01:12:32 AM »
Great pix!! :2tu:
The Break Room / Re: silly spectators...
« Last post by Chako on Today at 12:57:22 AM »
That was brrrrrrrreath taking.

Yep...going to hell for that one.  :D
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Outward Bound SAKs
« Last post by Spork, Lord of Lime Jello! on Today at 12:56:39 AM »
Here's the other variation...same number on the box 55131
General Tool Discussion / Starter EDC kit
« Last post by Kampfer on Today at 12:50:25 AM »
Woody had been a dear friend of mine for many years, recently he saw some of my pocket dump photos and shown interests. So I prepared a starter EDC kit for him, some simple, inexpensive, efficient items, most importantly "battle tested" by me.

I hope these items will provide him convenience in daily life and prepare him for the unexpected.
Rebar/Tinker combo again.
That combo should handle many chores. 

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No SAK today just my PST II and Rat II

(Image removed from quote.)
Good combo, another sharp photo. 

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