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Gadget Freak and EDC Forum / Re: Show Us Your EDC gear!!!
« Last post by HarleyXJGuy on Today at 09:16:41 PM »
Like the pocket clip on your 111 Kam.

Always hard to carry them big ole SAK's without one or a sheath.
General Tool Discussion / Re: What tool did you carry today?
« Last post by magentus on Today at 09:15:48 PM »
I just want the minutes done.
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Which SAK is getting pocket time today?
« Last post by Weasel on Today at 09:14:46 PM »
Craftsman today
The Break Room / Re: Archery.
« Last post by HarleyXJGuy on Today at 09:12:52 PM »

They're big and weird looking.

So a little bit like Chako?  :pok:

What model is your three pin Megan?

Pretty sure I do not want a target sight yet do to having to fiddle with it for different ranges and since it is just for fun target shooting for the time being.

The Hogg line of sights seem very well made.
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Alox forever!
« Last post by enki_ck on Today at 09:10:52 PM »

Those look brand spanking new. :drool:

Congrats on the twin black beauties. :hatsoff:
Gadget Freak and EDC Forum / Re: Show Us Your EDC gear!!!
« Last post by Kampfer on Today at 09:08:53 PM »
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Alox forever!
« Last post by Sneider on Today at 09:08:35 PM »
The Mod Squad / Re: And so it begins.... (My adventures into Alox!)
« Last post by pettydroid on Today at 09:06:19 PM »
They look like a genuine complement for any iPhone addicts' EDC
Nice one - thanks  :salute:

That is a nice looking green. The toolset is brilliant on the (Mon)woody, apart from an in-line awl, it's perfect.

Do you EDC yours much? I find mine is just the right size to look impressive in my pocket.  :whistle:

TBH not as much as it deserves. :-[  I'd be tempted to add a metal file to make it 'perfect' for me, but as it stands it's still an excellent SAK. :)

Not tempted to mod it again to add the metal saw? Small price to make it perfect.  :whistle:

This would be such a good SAK if you modded it with the file/saw.

Swisschamp minus Scaler and Pliers or Champion Plus with no scaler or Woodsman with file/saw added. A rose by any other name. Still sweet. 

Waiting patiently for you to knock this out.

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