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Leatherman Tools / Re: New 2017 Leathermans
« Last post by ducttapetech on Today at 11:39:18 AM »
So, what was Leatherman's last real new MT?  The Rebar? :think:  No, the Signal.  Or am I forgetting something?*

I do understand everyone's disappointment, I really do.  What we want is something new and exciting, but what we get is something that our members have been doing for years and not even the best versions of those ideas.  What can be done with a half Sidekick/Wingman is just cool IMO.

*Really, am I forgetting something?  I feel like I'm forgetting something.
Signal and Tread as far as I know.
 I don't expect to see something new every year from LM. Why should they. They have a sweet line up. I would mainly like to see updates and improvements on there existing tools for a few years then if they what, make something that will upset the Multitool market.
Gerber Tools / Re: New Gerbers at SHOT 2017
« Last post by Fortytwo on Today at 11:15:18 AM »
I kind of like the shape of the, ShharkBelly

Yeah, that's the one that caught my eye as well.  I like the look of the blade shape. :)

The Mod Squad / Re: And so it begins.... (My adventures into Alox!)
« Last post by jaya_man on Today at 11:01:04 AM »
Glad that your back to good health... starting to miss your awesome creations

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Edged Tools / Re: What Traditional Knife are you toting today?
« Last post by David on Today at 10:57:00 AM »
Sorry I've not been around in this thread much gents.  I've been on a SAK carrying kick lately and I rarely carry both a 91mm and a trad pocket knife.   You lot have been more than carrying the torch for trad knives though, lovely stuff. :drool:

Anyway, I put my A.Wright Sheepsfoot in my pocket last night and don't regret it. 8)
(Image removed from quote.)

 8)  knife Gareth!    :like:
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: The SAK Whittling Club
« Last post by magentus on Today at 10:44:23 AM »
Looks great 4-Ezzle! Beautiful rendition of an Owl. You should be proud to gift it to your wife.  :salute:
General Tool Discussion / Re: Favorite SAK/multitool combos
« Last post by urbantinker on Today at 10:36:37 AM »
LM Wave and a Wenger Trailblazer

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Leatherman Tools / Re: New 2017 Leathermans
« Last post by Gerhard Gerber on Today at 10:15:50 AM »
They could've done better if they stole an idea off the forum  :facepalm:
General Tool Discussion / Re: Six months of Spirit.
« Last post by Kampfer on Today at 10:14:27 AM »
I couldn't ask for a better MT and folders

Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: What's your latest SAK?
« Last post by glenfiddich1983 on Today at 10:11:45 AM »
Good mail call today! 2 84mm customs (Cadet II X and Waiter) courtesy of Steven Pruette (the Waiter is what is left from the Golfer I pillaged for scissors) and a NIB Wenger SI that he purchased on my behalf (for $29.99!)

Same thickness as a Pioneer/Soldier:

Old style combo tool and fluted corkscrew:


(Image removed from quote.)

That Cadet II X looks very useful! Nice!  :cheers: :cheers: :like:
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: SI Owners Club
« Last post by Oxford_Guy on Today at 10:07:57 AM »
Does anyone else put an extra split ring between the bail and Tec P7 clip to ensure the SAK lies flat against the leg in the pocket, or do you find it's not really needed?:

(Image removed from quote.)

I use a different method for a similar result and purpose:  :cheers:

BTW what's the clip? Doesn't look like a P7
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