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Different Swisstool plier heads , the truth 91948

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Re: Different Swisstool plier heads , the truth
« Reply #240 on: October 11, 2017, 01:04:16 PM »
Perhaps my research is incomplete. I was shopping for a Swisstool when I noticed the CS Plus and the Spirit Plus both seem to lack the crimping tool (for splicing or capping electrical wire).
My Leatherman ST200 has the crimper that I'm talking about below the hinge.
(Image removed from quote.)

Did I just not see it? Is there a Swisstool with a crimper and where is it?

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The SwissTools don't have that feature, but the newer 91/111mm pliers do. Some of them (ST's) have cap crimpers, but that's a tool for explosive detonators, which most of us will never have any use for. Even the vast majority of military personnel don't need a cap crimper MT, so I have always found it a strange addition. I have used the Spirit wire cutters for crimping electrical connectors, which worked fine for repairs or incidental stuff, but if I am planning to do a lot of wiring, I like to have dedicated tools along.



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