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The Swiss Army Knife: 2010 in Review – Part 2 2215

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The Swiss Army Knife: 2010 in Review – Part 2
« on: January 05, 2011, 01:21:14 AM »
The Swiss Army Knife: 2010 in Review – Part 2

It's Nice Outside! ...and Wenger was there helping with the mountain adventures, ocean voyages, back woods treks, and the family picnic. 

Wenger and Victorinox are now actual part of the same corporation, but in true Swiss style Wenger is operating as an autonomous region; I mean independent company.  We all know there is no end of uses for the Swiss Army Knife,  so Wenger is focusing on models aimed at the outdoors in sports and adventures.

Wenger wrapped up 2009 in December with the introduction of the Mike Horn Ranger, named after the world renowned explorer and nature conservationist.   Many customers started off 2010 with their first look and use of this amazing tool.

Not slowing down for a breather, Wenger went to Chile for the Wenger sponsored Patagonia Expedition Race. Talk about hitting the trails and waterways.  This special event is billed as the last wild race; along with your map, compass, and a week of provisions, this is a race where you're going to need your SAK.  Wenger introduced three special commemorative knives to support this event, the EvoGrip 81, EvoGrip 18/S18, and the 120mm EvoGrip 179; all with bright yellow EvoGrip scales and the Patagonian Race Logo laser etched in the rubber grip.

For the summer Wenger followed up an earlier partnership with EKA of Sweden, with their own "Grown in Switzerland" wooden scaled knives known as the EvoWood Series.  These knives feature beautiful Walnut scales with Wenger's EVO contouring using wood from other production that would normally be considered scrap.  The process is based on an environmentally friendly sustainable harvesting. Wenger started offering their top models with these new handles EvoWood 10, EvoWood 11, EvoWood 14, EvoWood 16, EvoWood 17, EvoWood 18, and the EvoWood s557.  The enthusiasts group SOSAK (Secret Order of Swiss Army Knives), chose model 18 for their annual knife of the year. The SOSAK EvoWood 18, available to members, features the group's logo and "2010" laser etched in to the scales for a really special memory of the year 2010.

Trying to follow developments at Wenger seems a little like trying to follow Mike Horn on a trail through the Amazon. Their websites and news reporting have been improving, but still many really interesting events appear only publicized to a limited geographical area.  Even with the internet it seems Wenger was often in the mountains without any communication to the outside world. The limited edition Porsche Design Edition 1 - P'3700 (an "all" black Traveler with PD Ruthenium scales) seemed to roll out of the parking garage without much more than a whisper from gadget guys drooling over the matching car.  This little black gem from the visionaries at Porsche Design went by practically unnoticed. I guess it not only looks stealth its really is.  With its price tag I guess it was better kept out of sight, it looks more like something for the planning rooms or base-camp anyway.  Take it to the fundraiser, but leave it out of the pack.

Back on the ranch, Wenger must have been chatting with Victorinox... the result... A series of Grafting knives; including a Wenger Graft 03(Gardener), 100mm, plastic scales, no liners, and a single Wharncliff blade.

I'm sure I have missed many exciting events at Wenger during the year,  but hopefully we'll hear some of the stories from those that travelled the trails.  Wenger is back in Chile in 2011, for what looks like maybe the most wild race yet.  It's going to be another great year!

The Swiss Army Knife: 2010 in Review  – Part 1 looked at Victorinox Swiss Army Knives.  

Happy Trails!
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Re: The Swiss Army Knife: 2010 in Review – Part 2
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2011, 03:01:18 AM »
Another good year for Wenger and another good round-up mate.  :salute: Speaking as one who has only relatively recently come to appreciate Wenger's offerings, I'd strongly recommend anyone who has been put off by the "Vic make a better knife" idea to give Wenger a go.  Physically pick one up and make up your own mind anyway, as I really think they are putting out a top notch product these days. :tu:

Try not to be the person who blunders around and causes everyone else to get out the way.  Everyone else thinks you're a utter...
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Re: The Swiss Army Knife: 2010 in Review – Part 2
« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2011, 10:56:51 PM »

Thanks for another good review mate  :salute:
Admin Team Absolute Zombie Club Posts: 23,213
Re: The Swiss Army Knife: 2010 in Review – Part 2
« Reply #3 on: January 07, 2011, 04:50:59 AM »
Nice wrap up ICFT, thanks again! :tu:

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