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Free LM Style CS "mod", (2 of 3): 4mm micro bit jeweler's screwdriver

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This free mod, #2, is a slight variation of the first one; it is a jeweler's screwdriver with interchangeable micro bits (4mm), also free if you already own the micro bits. [If you don't, you can get a very nice starter kit usually for under $10, shipped, for a set of 8 or so bits in a colored aluminum storage handle/screwdriver, just like the one shown in the video.] The Style CS works even better with these bits as opposed to the flat bits because it is a better friction fit with much less wobble! Be sure to push the bit all the way in so its bottom hits the main body as an end stop. Also note you are not wedging the bit all the way into the valley of the carabiner's metal, U-shaped channel. Attempting to do so will bend/break the Style CS since it is not actually 4mm wide, it is less, so don't do it!

Although you can mount the 4mm bits straight out the front like in mod #1, they also can be held at a right angle using the inside of the carabiner's "nose" (I just learned that term) as a back stop, as shown in the next photo. [In this reverse view it reminds me of a cyborg duck from a Terminator movie, "Cyberdyne Systems T-9 Duck, mimetic polyalloy, liquid metal"]:

(The Torx bit I happen to be using is a T-9, get it?  :D )

In use, I find overall out the front is better though, but it may depend on the specific application. Here's a video of this mod in action, again with guest star Skeletool CX having some minor armor adjustments made:

Leatherman Style CS "mod": interchangeable micro bits screwdriver

P.S. What I like about the 4mm micro bit standard is that although nice affordable companies make great selections of them for resonable dough,
high end tool makers who make quality stuff, like Wiha, also use the same standard.
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