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$2 Challenge- Contender #14

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$2 Challenge- Contender #14
on: August 13, 2015, 09:28:41 PM
Contender #14 was the first to arrive at the MTO office.  My excitement at getting a knockoff CRKT Eat'n Tool was somewhat diminished when I realized that I'd gotten a REAL CRKT Eat'n Tool instead!  :ahhh

However, I believe this tool is a fake.  Any CRKT aficionado knows that ID Works is the brainchild of Launce Barber and Tom Stokes and is usually applied to their tools like the Zilla and Guppie.  So, it's a bit odd to see it on the packaging for the Eat'n Tool, but might be a common enough mistake for a knockoff company to make, either accidentally or to capitalize on as many names as possible.

More reasons I am sure it's a fake, as compared to a verified, real Eat'n Tool the logo is faded and not as well defined and the steel seems thinner and not as well finished, nor is the bowl of the spoon as well defined.

Real One on the right:

Real one on the right:

Real one on the bottom:

I have a FB post with Liong Mah (Eat'n Tool designer), Tom Stokes (ID Works) and Lindsey Phelps (CRKT Marketing) tagged to confirm if this is the real deal or not.  I believe it is not, and I will happily send them any info I have to help them stop these fakes, although the reality is, I doubt there is much they can do.

Back to the $2 Challenge though, while we are certain this is a fake, I will indeed test this one on it's own merits rather than compare it to the real version.  I'll also do a more in depth comparison of it and the real one later on in a separate thread, although I don't think it will do so well compared to the real one.  It doesn't feel too bad on it's own, but compared to the real one it is severely lacking.

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