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LM Skeletool with Driver Extender 119

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LM Skeletool with Driver Extender
« on: December 01, 2019, 07:14:52 AM »
Best general purpose, ergonometric multitool driver in my collection.

No rectangle of metal to hold. I went back and forth recently with this configuration, and the Gerber CenterDrive. For putting screws and brackets into pine shelving boards, Skeletool was the clear winner. Pine is soft. With old screws in hardwood, I'd probably get a dedicated driver, but I have used my LM Surge for old and frozen screws without damaging the driver bits too much. But bit metal and ergonometric grip are two different matters.

I can't say that the Skeletool is underrated, because it has great popularity. The CX model with the 154cm blade is worth the exorbitant price I paid. Almost my favourite whittling blade for roughing out wood.

As a driver: also great. And light enough to put into a bigger LM sheath with an extender and a Micra or Squirt.

(NOTE: I have the revised models with stronger pliers heads. CX regular blade; Stainless partially serrated. ) 
Global Moderator He Who Has The Most Nuts, Wins! Posts: 57,236
Re: LM Skeletool with Driver Extender
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2019, 04:13:27 PM »
I always did like this feature from the Skeley and used my driver quite a bit back before I semi retired it :salute: I need to pick a Cx up with a PE blade and get some use of that feature again :like:



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