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Your weight whit and whitout Pants/(whit your EDC Stuff) 353

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Your weight whit and whitout Pants/(whit your EDC Stuff)
« on: December 26, 2016, 07:20:45 PM »
I have a great idea for a new board game:
I asume most of you are wearing your EDC Stuff in your Pant Pockets,
So why not compare our Weight whit and whitout Pants to see how much stuff whe carry everyday whit us ??
You could also write your height in Metric Meters ..
And the heaviest Parts on this extra weights if you want..

For easy comparison, I would suggest whe use Europe Kilograms,
1 kg = 2 pounds ..

Lets begin:
Im ca 1,72 m and whit pants I weight 65kg , whitout 62 kg..
this means i carry 3 kilograms extra ..
it's an Victorinox Swisschamp XLT, and an Openpandora in my Pockets which should have the most part of this weight..
Also the Pants itself as it's a Worker Jeans from Engelbert Strauss..

Your SAK is only fully yours, when it bites you, or you opend a Trink of your joice whit it
SAKs i have: Huntsman Light (Red Transparent), Workchamp (Black), Wenger EvoGrip S557 (Red), Swisschamp XLT (Red Transparent)..
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Re: Your weight whit and whitout Pants/(whit your EDC Stuff)
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2017, 01:03:36 AM »
I'm quite used to a bit of extra weight.

On average days you might find me with some SAKs:

111mm Fireman (150g)
93mm Harvester (85g)
91mm Weekender (60g)
two MiniChamps (85g)

A couple Opinels:

#12 knife (113 g)
#12 saw (103g)

And Felco 2 pruning shears (240g).

That's a grand total of 836g, less than 1 kilogram.
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