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FS: Brand New Victorinox Pouches for 130mm, 111mm, and SwissTool SPIRIT PLUS 190

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FS: Brand New Victorinox Pouches for 130mm, 111mm, and SwissTool SPIRIT PLUS
« on: February 12, 2017, 09:02:33 PM »
Hello, All.

I've got four brand new Victorinox pouches for sale. I've never used them but could not return them because I missed the return deadline.

Price for each is $15.00 shipped (in the Continental United States). Paypal preferred.


1. Item: Victorinox Faux Leather/Nylon Pouch for all 130mm Knives (i.e. Hunter Pro & RangerGrip)
    Color: OD Green
    Part No: 4.0837.4

2. Item: Victorinox Nylon Pouch for all 111mm Knives Up To And Including Five (5) Layers (i.e. RescueTool - Has Four (4) Layers)
    Colour: Red with Neon Yellow Piping
    Part No: 4.0851

3. Item: Victorinox Nylon Pouch for Swiss Tool SPIRIT PLUS (i.e. With spaces for wrench/ratchet, extension, corkscrew, & bit holder)
    Colour: Black with Brown Piping
    Part No: 4.0832.N

4. Item: Identical to above.

Also, please forgive me for the low-quality photo; the forum would not allow me to upload the photo in original size so I had to take it from a distance and crop it in order for it to upload.

Thanks for looking!
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