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Pachinko anyone? 189

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Pachinko anyone?
« on: March 17, 2017, 04:26:54 PM »
I am in the process of cleaning up my living room to make room for an as yet purchased workbench so that I can hopefully maximize space efficiency. Right now, I have a Dillon Square Deal B reload press currently sitting in the kitchen taking up valuable space, as well as a Lee Deluxe Turret Press now currently sitting in the living room. I also have supplies taking valuable space in the gun room which is only 4x5 feet. So the current thought is to amalgamate everything into one work bench, and the only place that could work is the living room...which will necessitate a lot of moving stuff around and out.

I started moving stuff around and out today. I have't bought the desk yet, but I am hoping that might happen tomorrow or later today if all goes well. This will necessitate moving my Pachinko machine upstairs. I am not exactly happy about that...and might think of somewhere else to store it....possibly the bedroom.  :think:

 I bought mine over eBay because I wanted a pinball machine, but didn't have the room or the money for one..and thought the Pachinko machine might be a good fit, and it was. I have the Super Stadium machine. When I first received it and turned the unit on...I was blasted out of the room by the loud noise. I cannot imagine how loud it must be in a Pachinko parlor just based on my single unit. It was bad enough that I looked online for a way to turn down the volume. I found that you could buy a volume switch that you could splice into the unit. I found cutting cardboard mufflers that fit over the speakers worked for a whole lot less. Now I don't have to worry about the neighbours.

I enjoy playing with my machine. From what I understand, these are  used to gamble in Japan. It is illegal to gamble for money...but most parlors get around that by having the next door kiosk willing to trade balls for cash or something like that. I have found that playing my machine is a fun experience.

Here is my Super Stadium machine.

And one showing the lights. This machine positively glows and dances in the dark.

And a YouTube video I found of when you hit the jackpot. I have only managed this 4 times so far over the years.

Yep, so in order to move something around, I will have to find a new home for my Pachinko machine.

Anyways, I wonder if anyone else has a Pachinko machine? Any photos, thoughts, etc...
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Re: Pachinko anyone?
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2017, 04:49:56 PM »
I can't say as I am overly familiar with Pachinko or the machines, but it would probably fit well in the place Megan and I visited a few nights ago.  It's called the House of Targ and it's filled with vintage pinball and arcade machines.


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Re: Pachinko anyone?
« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2017, 09:21:30 AM »
Awesome!! I have good memories of pachinko parlors and japan. And yes, noisy.
Absolutely No Life Club Posts: 16,238 Armed with camera and not afraid to use it.
Re: Pachinko anyone?
« Reply #3 on: March 19, 2017, 12:58:00 PM »
A little update of sorts. Yesterday saw me scouring my city for a half descent workbench. I originally wanted this one from Lowes...


But when I looked at it in person, realized that the top was MDF which would not work for my application. Furthermore, the work surface was just laying on top of the workbench held in place via 2 corner overlaps. A bit disappointed as I did like all that extra storage space. That and seeing that it will go into my living room...it didn't look half bad at all.

Well I looked around at other building stores and didn't find much. Time to go over to Canadian Tire.

I spied this workbench in a sales flyer, and thought to myself...wow...what a great deal. Up close, not so much. It would fit in a garage, but on looks, not something I would want to see every day in my living room. The biggest issue however are the MDF boards with the same build issue as the one from Lowes.


They also had this one...


The biggest issue for me was the metal work surface. At this point, I knew I was looking for a hardwood surface.

So much for the tool section of Canadian Tire. I thought I should also take a look at the furniture section.

I spied the perfect re-loading bench thus far, and after spending a better part of the day, bought one.


This unit won't look all that bad in the living room. It has most importantly that hardwood surface that should make installing my presses that much easier. Not as much storage...but I could always build a lower shelf if need be in the future.

So now, the slow processes of reshaping my living room will start.
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A little Leatherman information.

Leatherman series articles


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