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Workpro 10 in 1 Multi-tool Scissors - Is it the Micra killer? 93

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Workpro 10 in 1 Multi-tool Scissors - Is it the Micra killer?
« on: March 20, 2017, 05:26:31 PM »
No, it is not. Not by any stretch of the imagination.
But what exactly is the "Workpro 10 in1 Mini Outdoor Multi Tool Scissors"? Let's see.

Scissor-based multi-tool, butterfly opening, implements are inaccessible from the outside.
Non-locking, stainless steel tools, individual backsprings for each implement. Spring-loaded scissors.
Aluminium handles with aluminium inserts, for decorative purposes only.
Torx 8 screws. $8.99 (USD) at the time of this review.

Size comparison
Quite wide, too large to put on your keys. Note its inability to close properly.

Thicker than the Micra.

As thick as the Mini.

When opened, the Workpro is about 5mm longer than the Micra, due to the handles. The scissor end is the same length on both.

Springloaded, and of equal cutting edge as the Micra. They cut just as well as the Micra, believe it or not.
There is nothing to offer traction, and combined with the rather strong spring, the tool may slip from your hands when using the scissors. The scales make the handles wide enough to provide a comfortable grip, which is nice.

The workpro's open wider than the Micra's.

They are also twice as thick.

Ground on both sides, as opposed to the Micra's chisel grind. It cuts very well, and should handle those small cutting tasks. Sadly, the backsprings are so strong, that if the blade snaps closed, the edge bangs on the backspring. Thus, I have to remember to fold it back carefully.
Can you see that brown smudge at the base of the blade? Yes, that is rust. Well spotted. How ironic that the rust developed over where it says "stainless". 

Philips screwdriver
The Workpro's is a three dimensional PH1, compared to the Micra's flat one, hence stronger, but short, and with quite rounded-off edges. It does fit No1 and 2 screws very well, and should be able to handle both without too much slippage.

Bottle opener
Shallower than the Micra. Should work well enough, given that the Micra is not the pinnacle of bottle openers per se.

Small flathead
Too large to fit eyeglasses, like the Micra's. Rounded edges, commonly found on off-brand tools.

Large flathead
Rounded off, but at least, it's incorporated on another tool. Too bad for the rounded edges.

File and nail-cleaner
The nail cleaner's edge is too sharp, scrapping along the nails, and if you are not careful, you may create a sharp edge that will annoy you.
It is not that bad of a nai-cleaner, but the Micra's hook is more pronounced, and does the job more efficiently.
The file is double sided, one side single-cut (fine), the other side double-cut (coarse). You win this time, Workpro.

Can opener
Very blunt, surprisingly so, given how thin it is. One might be tempted to sharpen it into a package opener.
There is also a wire stripper notch. Thanks Workpro.  :tu:
Tweezers are for size comparison. No tweezers on the Workpro.

Shorter than the P4's. Equally blunt. Cute, though.

Keyring attachment
Wider hole on the Workpro.  :tu:

It comes in a nylon sheath, two mm longer than the Mini-Tool's, but of equal width and thickness. Horizontal carry only, snap button, single stitching, but a job well done at that. The Mini-Tool fits in here perfectly.

As mentioned at the beginning, the tool does not fold properly. One scissor blade folds against the backspring, deep in the handle, and there are no issues. The other scissor blade folds against the Philips, not as deep in the handle, resulting in an asymmetrical state when closed.
A scale decoration fell out, but I just pushed it back on the handle. They are decorative only, so this does not affect the performance. It does affect my opinion of it, though.
I received the item with a crack in the steel, and after a tad over three weeks of very light use, a backspring broke in two and fell out of the handle. I fear more will follow suit.
The screwdrivers are all rounded, and the can opener is as blunt as can be. The blade snaps closed with so much force, the edge hits the backspring.
It is a shame this tool fails the quality test, because the blade and scissors cut very well.

Broken backspring
Strong enough to provide a good snap, on most tools anyway, but evidently only for a limited amount of snaps. I have had this for almost a month, and the backspring just fell out.

Cracked steel
I received the tool like this.

It seems nice enough, like many cheap multi-tools companies buy in bulk and brand as their own. Indeed, if all implements were up to par with top brands, it would be a contender, and quite possibly dethrone the Micra as a small scissors-oriented multi-tool. Alas, the cons outweigh the pros, very much so. I would not waste my money on this again, and will be very skeptical about purchasing similar items. A used Micra will be the same price, if not cheaper, and far more practical, portable, efficient, elegant, durable, and reliable.

• Good scissors
• Great sheath, fits the LM Mini-Tool perfectly.
• Diverse toolset

• Very low quality construction
• Bulkier and heavier than competitors
• Prone to slipping when using the scissors

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