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Multitasker AR Series 3.

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Multitasker AR Series 3.
on: June 06, 2017, 04:12:31 AM
Today, I would like to talk about an interesting tool designed to upkeep and maintain an AR platform rifle in the field. Before I get into that however, I would like to tell you that although the Multitasker AR series of multi-tools are designed for AR rifles, much like other gun platform multi-tools, they can be used for other things, This is a good thing because as of today, I still don't have an AR type rifle in my inventory. Up her in Canada they tend to be too expensive, and being restricted, rather limited in use. Add to all of that a 5 round maximum magazine, and I just haven't gotten around to buying one. With that said, if I ever do, and that is a very distant and slim notion, I will be very well prepared with the Series 3 multi-tool.

Before I get into the review. I think it is best to look at the details first (copied right off of the web site):

CNC machined pliers (D2 tool steel) - Not investment cast
Non-slip G10 scales (Black or Tan)
3/8" hex for LaRue mounts
1/2" hex for scope rings
Dual lug M4 castle nut spanner wrench + screwdriver
3/32" pin punch with 8-32 male thread for OTIS cleaning kit compatibility
Radiused tip carbon scraper
3" D2 tool steel knife blade - Plain edge or partially serrated
Pocket clip (removable)
1/4" magnetic bit driver with M16A2 FSP adjuster
Includes these commonly used hex bits and a convenient bit carrier: No.1 Phillips, 3/32 Slotted, 3/16 Hex, 9/64 Hex, 1/8 Hex, 7/64 Hex, T10 Torx, T15 Torx

The Multitasker AR Series 3 multitool is a well designed and quality product that features very nicely textured G10 handle scales. The texture really works at keeping  your grip in wet conditions. Not only that, but I have found the beveled edge of the G10 scales increase the comfort with bare hands.

The steel used is D2 which is a high carbon, high chromium steel. If you are wondering about D2 steel properties, have a look at this site...

Now the Multitasker AR series 3 used D2 steel for the knife blade as the plier head. From what I am given to understand, D2 steel will retain a sharp edge for a long time...but will also require more effort in re-sharpening the blade once it becomes dull. Likewise, the pliers are beautifully CNC machined with a high level of precision.

The Series 3 Multitasker comes in black or Tan G10. The green shown here is a limited run.

The Series 3 comes with a pocket clip designed to ride the multi-tool rather low in the pocket with just enough sticking out to allow easy extraction.

The Series 3 AR Multitasker is designed on a traditional multi-tool platform featuring outward folding tools...3 to the handle. One handle features a 3" D2 steel blade with a thumb stud, a 3/32" pin punch seated on an 8-32 male thread which will allow the use of OTIS pull through cleaning kits and accessories such as the pick installed in the following photos, and a carbon scraper. The other handle features a combination castle nut wrench and flat head screwdriver designed to fix your AR stalk, a scope mount wrench of 3/8" and 1/2", and a magnetic 1/4" bit driver with a front sight adjustment bit installed, but will accept all other 1/4" bits of which a nice assortment comes in a handy carrier with the tool.

The Series 3 comes with either a plain edged blade, or a partially serrated blade. This example came with the PE blade. Note that the blade has a liner lock. Also note that the Multitasker Series 3 is made in China. Do not let that fact stave you off from buying one. The Multitasker is made from excellent materials, and the fit and finish is excellent. Quality throughout.

The Series 3 features removable carbide cutters. The pliers also feature different teeth patterns that get finer towards the tip for more precision control. The gap between the CNC machined plier jaws is something to behold. I can literally pull hair off of my arm with the pliers.

Multitasker is a smaller company that likes to innovate, and they never seem to stand on their laurels either. Considering that this is the latest iteration of the AR Multi-tool, with each update being an improvement on the previous version, the Series 3 definitely feels polished and well thought out. I am a big fan of Multitasker products in general, and the Series 3 is no exception.

Time to look at the pros and cons.

- quality throughout
- D2 steel used
- G10 textured grips that feature nice little touches to make them very comfortable
- aluminum-bronze washers and rust resistant Ti CarboNitride (TiCN) treatment on the pliers
- very functional for the AR owner
- CNC machining of the pliers
- can be used in conjunction with various cleaning kits

- expensive, but considering that Multitasker is a smaller multi-tool company, and the high level of quality through the product, it is reasonable
- limited distribution, hard to find outside of the United States

A little Leatherman information.

Leatherman series articles

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Re: Multitasker AR Series 3.
Reply #1 on: November 19, 2017, 08:05:41 AM
That green one is so nice. I was hoping they would release a civilian version at some point. As it is, I don't see myself getting one. Unless I go to the US for holidays and stumble upon one second-hand.

It seems a bit wide, but every review I've seen had a wonderful snap when opening the pliers.  :like:

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Re: Multitasker AR Series 3.
Reply #2 on: February 24, 2018, 02:18:29 PM
The gap between the CNC machined plier jaws is something to behold. I can literally pull hair off of my arm with the pliers.

That looks like quite a tool!  :tu: Do they make "normal" multi-tools too?

(Looking at those jaws I'm thinking they are not CNC machined but rather cut with wire-EDM after hardening. Hard to beat that for precision. It would also explain some of the price).


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