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Remington RS4233 539

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Remington RS4233
« on: January 07, 2018, 10:28:00 PM »
The Remington RS4233 was the first "official" Boy Scouts of America knife in the pattern known today as the Camper, Utility, or Scout pattern. Here in the US it was the first SAK-type multifunction pocketknife  I recently bought a junk lot for $15 with one in it just to observe how it was made.  It was likely built between 1924-1933, according to what I can make out of the snap under the lens. It was probably made towards the latter end of that, as I see no evidence of a shackle/bail, as later versions did not have a bail.  Originally, the round shield would have displayed the BSA logo, but that's completely wore off.

016 by cody6268, on Flickr

It's small, about the same size as an 84mm SAK. Most, like the Camillus shown were bigger, and heavier. The Camillus weighs about four ounces. The tools are also quite thin compared to the Camillus, Elsener, and Victorinox.

013 by cody6268, on Flickr

Blades: Spear Points are typical for the Scout/Utility/Camper pattern. The Remington uses a nice, swedged long pull spear. Some did have clip point blades, but that is uncommon. The Elsener M1908 Soldier, while still an SAK is an example of such.

021 by cody6268, on Flickr

Most can openers on pocketknives at this time used a sickle type design, as opposed to the double hook used on most from the 1950s until present day.  What's notable about the Remington's is that it is three pieces peened together.

014 by cody6268, on Flickr

009 by cody6268, on Flickr

Cap Lifter/Screwdriver--longer, and slenderer than most. Note that the screwdriver is smaller than typical and can fit No. 2 Phillips. 

022 by cody6268, on Flickr

The stump of the awl. It appears to have been ground the entire length (and with fullering/blood groove) instead of just a stamped piece with the end ground (as on the Camillus).

017 by cody6268, on Flickr

All I can say now is that I really want one intact to carry and use. I guess I'll probably just get one of the Bear and Son made reproductions due to their low cost ($25-30, versus over $100, and sometimes $200 or more for good or excellent original Remingtons) .
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Re: Remington RS4233
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2018, 01:20:30 AM »
Nice comparison pics cody  :like: :tu:
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Re: Remington RS4233
« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2018, 06:51:56 AM »
Thanks for the comparison cody! I've been a fan of old school US scout knives for a while and it is really cool to see the differences of the tools.  :like:

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