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Vic scales (Boy Scouts, DofE) and 108 mm GAK for trade 336

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Vic scales (Boy Scouts, DofE) and 108 mm GAK for trade
« on: August 08, 2018, 12:34:32 PM »
Not much, but these are some things I don't need at all, they're just sitting in a box, so I thought someone might have a use for them and we can make trade.

I'm offering two sets of brand new 91 mm Victorinox scales, one Boy Scouts of America and one DofE (based on the going rate of standard scales I value these around $ 16-17/set, as these are not something you can buy readily) and a GAK-alike from Mil-Tec with fold-out pliers. Don't expect Victorinox quality, also there's some very light corrosion damage, spots, and the corkscrew is slightly bent, nonetheless, a 108 mm completist collector might want to have it. I value the "GAK" around $20.

I'm not sure what I'm really looking for, but for example I'm still seriously lacking in the Alox SAK department, so something like a Cadet, or a used MiniChamp would sound great, or maybe an unloved Executive (not Alox, I know). But I'm open to any offers, also in addition to the trade, some money can be thrown in (from my side) to even out things if needed.

Shipping from Hungary. The scales can be mailed for peanuts (I'll ask for $5 at most), the "GAK" I'll have to check.

(EDIT: Also feel free to chime in if I seriously under- or overestimated the values of these items.) 
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