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10' Milspec ProPower 12 Gauge Extension Cord - $12.95 188

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10' Milspec ProPower 12 Gauge Extension Cord - $12.95
« on: June 02, 2019, 11:00:50 PM »
Recently, I upgraded a lot of our extension cords, and went mostly with 12 gauge because of our electrical needs.

While 50' & 25" cords were automatic buys, I realized a couple of 10 footers would be nice to have around for quick emergency work from my pickup, or just adding a little extra length without having to use another really long cord (especially when working with heavier 12 gauge).

The only setback was cost. Some of the shorter 12 gauge cords where almost as much as the 25-50 foot lengths.

Fortunately, I found this,

With free shipping. This looks like a good deal. Bought two. Wanted to share.





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