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Pulsar 4000W Portable Inverter Generator - $649 w/ Free Shipping 212

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Pulsar 4000W Portable Inverter Generator - $649 w/ Free Shipping
« on: June 08, 2019, 10:16:41 AM »
A while back, I posted about an eBay 15% off promo code, and that I'd purchased a generator with it.

Well, while there isn't a 15% deal at the moment, the generator I bought is back on sale. I think it's the hottest deal around for this level of generator.

Pulsar 4000W Portable Inverter Generator w/ Electric & Remote Start PG4000ISR

The seller is here in CA, so I had to pay tax when I bought it. Still, it was one of the best purchases I've made. Since we got it, we've used this generator at outdoor venues three times per week, about five hours for each event, for multiple food warmers, lights & electronics. Not one hiccup. Pretty much as quiet as a Honda, with the Pulsar motor an extra 10cc over the Honda. Btw, we can't use regular cheaper/louder generators at most of our venues. In fact, it's in most agreements that only a super-quiet generators will be used.

The Honda EU3000iS goes for $2K. I've used them. Back when they were one of the few super quiet options around, you had to shell out the cash. Now, competitors are catching up with super-quiet technology and the prices are fantastic. We still have two Honda EU6500iS models for bigger events. They're fine, but when they're done, we're going with the Lifan 7000w generator which will save us around $3K each.

On a side note, here's a comparison of the Honda EU7000iS vs Lifan:

Anyway, back to this Pulsar. It's a better value, imo, than the Honda at less than half the price. A little cheaper (and waaay better) than Harbor Freight's Predator 3500. The push button start is smooth. The remote start works great. Fuel economy is terrific. I can pick it up by myself to load/unload.

I know this is a larger purchase for some. But, this is a must-have for outdoor use and/or emergencies. Oh, I bought an RV adapter to take advantage of the 30A plug, and it's been heaven. We're thinking of getting a second Pulsar as backup, and when we do multiple venues at once. None of our staff handle the 6500s. They've done okay handling the Pulsar without me, without breaking it. Great customer service from this seller.

Note, I am not affiliated with this seller, nor eBay (other than as a regular customer).


ps, added a thorough review of this Pulsar on YouTube:
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