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Edged Tools / Re: OPINELS
« Last post by Barry Rowland on Today at 01:50:42 PM »
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Pickles
« Last post by Barry Rowland on Today at 01:48:48 PM »
 :cheers:  Mine too my friend!!  Now if only I had enough hair for a comb :facepalm:
Edged Tools / Re: 30D Traditional challenge
« Last post by Noa Isumi on Today at 01:45:58 PM »
Another Rough Rider, this time it's the pliers. This model is a non-standard electricians knife sporting short strip&screwdriver blade and a small pair of pliers w/ wire cutter notch.

Gerber Tools / Re: Center Drive 30 day challenge
« Last post by Barry Rowland on Today at 01:45:56 PM »
It is!  My wife is into a variety of teas... never know what's lurking around  :D
Leatherman Tools / Re: (old) Waviness
« Last post by Glockfan on Today at 01:39:22 PM »
Thanks.   :like:
Soz, just seen your pm Gus - here's my pockets emptied for today:

Great carry Mags :salute: :like:

Agreed :tu:
Keychain and One Piece Tools / Re: Guess
« Last post by pfrsantos on Today at 01:23:59 PM »
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mind out of the gutter mind out of the gutter mind out of the gutter...

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Too late, too late, too late, too late...
The Mod Squad / Re: Robert Lessard Custom Owner's Thread
« Last post by shamus on Today at 01:21:45 PM »
Edged Tools / Re: Mora Club
« Last post by this_is_nascar on Today at 01:06:41 PM »
Anybody watch "It's always sunny in Philladelphia?"

Mora toe knife  :rofl:

(Image removed from quote.)
Love that show.

Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk

General Tool Discussion / Re: Crow's nest
« Last post by Crow on Today at 12:57:40 PM »

Good to see you Crow  :salute:

100mm vice? looks good from here Mate   :cheers:

I have been actively reading posts here at Mto, but not much participating.

Vice is in good condition, but needs some lubricating. It is made in England, so good quality piece. Jaws are 90mm which is a bit odd to me :think:

Poncho, I will try to drive safely on these slippery roads. I hope I will not need those tools.

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