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The Shutter Shop / Re: Some nature shots
« Last post by Vadim on Today at 07:42:25 AM »
General Tool Discussion / Re: Show me your drills
« Last post by hiraethus on Today at 07:18:49 AM »
I had a Black and Decker combi as my only drill for a long time, and for occasional use around the house it was great.  But we've recently moved to a new place with solid stone walls and the B&D wasn't up to the job so I got two to replace it: the Makita above for screwing and light stiff and a Bosch corded SDS+ for the harder jobs.  I also have a corded non hammer drill that I inherited from work and a bench top pillar drill.  I like making holes in things. :)
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: No cybertool bit kit?
« Last post by Mechanickal on Today at 07:16:29 AM »
There are 8 Vic bits (all used in the XAVT).
There was a thread here once that showed other ball detent bits.
The ball detents were in a slightly different place but worked.

I also remember it was quite an expensive piece of kit...

No time to search for it atm.
The Break Room / Re: Mechanickal's office.
« Last post by Mechanickal on Today at 07:09:10 AM »
I'd use that excuse too! :tu:
General Tool Discussion / Re: Show me your drills
« Last post by WoodsDuck on Today at 07:07:47 AM »
I like small drills- they are lighter and you don't get as wiped out on larger jobs, and they fit in more compact areas.  Of course, there are always places that no drill will get into, but the smaller the drill (hopefully) the fewer of those you will encounter!


For sure. I think it's never a bad idea to have at least two drills of different sizes. Although it's a little annoying that you generally need more than one battery platform to do so. I think the only DeWalt drill smaller than mine is the 12v, which of course isn't cross compatible with the 20v.
Leatherman Tools / Re: September Storm: 30 days of Waves
« Last post by Sam Lim on Today at 07:01:24 AM »
Can’t believe it’s only one more week
this challenge really has gone quick :ahhh

I am thinking the opposite! I am so used to rotating tools and being "confined" to using the wave is really killing me... Dun get me wrong, wave is a great tool but I missed my other tools...  :poh:

I guess that why they call it a challenge eh!
My main disappointment with the powergrab and powerplay are their locking system for their outside opening tools. Which are suppose to be one hand operable at least for the 2 main blades. During opening, they clump. Bringing other tools along with them. During closing, the unlocking system is a major fail in my opinion. To unlock, u will have to pull back the tab/stud, the lock tab are flushed with the other side of the handle. Meaning the tab have to push open the handle slightly to raise and disengage the blades but naturally, u will be firmly holding the handles. So it's super counter productive. That's why the locks are so difficult to disengage. Same when u are opening the tools. There's self created pressure working on the lock tabs preventing it to lift. Sorry I am being very harsh.. But it's a really dumba#* design...

Power access is a step in the right direction. Cos u have to lift the tab at the very top. There no countering force working against u here.

I am not sure if what I says makes sense... Place a small shim in between the handles and give them a gap of appx 2mm at the lock tabs area to the opposite handle. Try to operate the outside tools and u know what I mean.
Leatherman Tools / Re: September Storm: 30 days of Waves
« Last post by aolmos on Today at 06:27:04 AM »
Day 23

Sunday resting nothing to do just chilling and photoshoot time

Watch it! / Re: Finally sorted the Watches
« Last post by MadPlumbarian on Today at 06:25:13 AM »
OMG, cute..
Here this is almost perfect, but it’s cheap, and I’d probably go for a metal vs plastic..
The Shutter Shop / Re: West Coast of Oregon trip!
« Last post by Aloha007 on Today at 06:22:44 AM »
How ya diggin Oregon?
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