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Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: D_T's 30d (MTO) Pioneer X Challenge Thread
« Last post by mrynnr on Today at 03:56:51 AM »
Day 3
The Break Room / Re: Extremely Random thoughts.
« Last post by ironraven on Today at 03:55:50 AM »
I haven't had Cracker Jacks in years. We will not discuss how old I was when I realized that (a) there was supposed tob e a prize in every box, not could be a prize in every box, and (b) the gods hate me.
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: D_T's 30d (MTO) Pioneer X Challenge Thread
« Last post by josh83 on Today at 03:54:11 AM »
Day three was rather boring as far as knife and tool usage, so I grabbed a shot of it in the ice on the hood of my truck when I went out to pickup dinner.

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Day 17
Cutting some rotted seat belts out of a wagon.  I don't think anyone really uses them anyway.
Snap  :tu:
don't have the silver one with that shield though, just the more modern one

(Image removed from quote.)
Lovely piece!

Think I've got just one of each...

Day 45:

Victorinox Cadet II in smooth blue

I just love this piece! (Image removed from quote.)
How do I go about getting one of these?!

After years collecting knives I went from not knowing they exist to owning 2 of those in the span of two weeks and I have no idea how this miracle came to be :D

I had just read that article about the Chinese collector and his smooth blue Alox Dutch Army Knives (funny how it's all about the Dutch some days huh?). In the next few days I saw the auction of what I assume to be their cousin; smooth Alox Cadet II. I won it a few days later. The following week I received it in the mail and on Saturday that week I got my hands on a collection of 90 knives with another one of these (number 45 here) in it.
Edged Tools / Re: What Traditional Knife are you toting today?
« Last post by Roc on Today at 03:39:25 AM »
A bit late to the show. McGrew Hillbilly.


About time I bought a vintage knife off the bay that wasn’t  broken  :D I’m one for four now.  :cheers:  :-\
My vote is for the PST.

I find the fit and finish and most especially the ergos of the PST superior to the Gerber. I hate flick open pliers for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is when I had an origional Multiplier (before they called it the 600 series) got cruded up and that the limbs will close all the way allows it to close too far to really get a grip on it. I like classic Leatherman style of folding pliers because I can actually get traction with them, even if I might be thankful for that pair of gloves that I always carry. Gerber, it's a metal block even with the pliers out, and you can't actually make full use of your hand strength when you grab onto something with the pliers. And becuase they swing open all the way, I can get in there and clean a Letherman out when I do start to grime to a halt, which I can't really do as well with the Gerbers. Better quality, better grip, better maintainability. And it is more easily pocketed- slimmer, lighter, and won't poke a hole in my thigh or my pants.

That being said, if I could vote for second place, it would be the Huntsman. You can not go wrong with a Huntsman off the black top, and there is a reason it is and has been for forever one of Victorinox's best selling patterns. The saw is amazing for it's size, the blade is good, the can and bottle openers work, and the scissors are best in class, bar none. Vic got it right and they don't screw with it (hint to LM) and that is why they are a trope codifier, if you will. For a long time, my combo was a PST, a Huntsman and a Mini-mag. And I'd feel far from poorly outfitted if I had to go back to it.

Edged Tools / Re: Buck 112's Let's see them !
« Last post by Nix on Today at 03:26:11 AM »
EDIT: VICMAN beat me to the 'enter' button, but I'll leave my similar comments below.


Tough choices here.

I've only had clip points, and I like 'em. Drop points look good, though. Might be task related or a matter of personal preference.
The clip point is the classic design. (see my 112 pictured above)

G-10 is a synthetic material like micarta. It's a non-metalic, fiberglass laminated with a resin. Very strong and tough. It can be textured, but Buck makes it fairly smooth.

I'm not sure about the Black wood. I suspect that it is a dyed or stained wood. I've never had an issue with Buck's wood scales, but if you live somewhere with big fluctuations in humidity, a synthetic or horn may have some advantage.

Buck does their own heat treating for the 420HC. I like what they get with their 420HC.

Paul Bos does the heat treat for their S30V and 5160. I love what they get with those steels. They cost more, but those are pricier steels.

Good luck with choosing! (Or, you can be stupid like me and just get a couple versions. But you do need at least one.  ;))

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