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Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: What's your latest SAK?
« Last post by jaya_man on Today at 11:08:08 AM »
Mail call...

My Microlight Pocket Tool Chest has arrived... just needed some good cleaning, oiling and sharpening of the blade...

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The Break Room / Re: Guess the forum member!!!
« Last post by ReamerPunch on Today at 11:01:47 AM »
The Break Room / Re: Guess the forum member!!!
« Last post by ReamerPunch on Today at 10:59:21 AM »
The pics from the review were in photobucket.  :bnghd:
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: What is a model's most common colour?
« Last post by kkokkolis on Today at 10:26:34 AM »
I rarely see my favouite, transluscent emerald plus scales. And I have none.
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Which SAK is getting pocket time today?
« Last post by styx on Today at 10:14:01 AM »
nice pics gentlemen
General Tool Discussion / Re: Edge Pro Apex Sharpener
« Last post by Brock O Lee on Today at 10:05:55 AM »
I've been using an Edge Pro for a number of years, mostly for cutting bevels on the high carbide steels. It works well after a bit of getting used to, but its way overkill for sharpening SAKs and MT blades, which are butter soft in comparison.

I mostly freehand these days using Diafolds, with a finishing step on the Sharpmaker.

Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Dutch Army Knives
« Last post by EMZ on Today at 09:55:12 AM »
I was just browsing eBay and saw quite a few of the DAK. Different varieties of the 110mm mostly.
Prices of some knives on Ebay are not extremely high. Here in the Netherlands, if you're lucky, you can find the latest DAK type in new condition for about € 30-45 Euro's, including P&H. Pouches cost about € 5-7, if you can find a nice one.
Suppose I want to sell one on Ebay and I want to make € 5 profit. Then on average I have to get about € 45-50 for a knife in new condition plus pouch. Considering dollar-Euro exchange rate plus Ebay and Paypal fees, this knife has to sell for at least $ 70-76!

At this very moment a Victorinox DAK KM 87 is for sale on a Dutch online auction site, called Marktplaats ('market place'). Bidding price now is an astonishing € 125.
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