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Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: It's been far too long
« Last post by Pablo O'Brien on Today at 12:55:51 AM »
There is one thing bugging me.

From http://swissarmyknights.c...08/414-blue-alox-huntsman.

:ahhh :bnghd: Why no hook?!  :bnghd: :ahhh

General Tool Discussion / Re: Fuzzbucket – Down on the Farm
« Last post by Fuzzbucket on Today at 12:52:08 AM »
Aleph´s guesses made me wonder... So tell us Fuzzy, how do we know you didn´t throw your MT off grid and are eating all the cakes? After all, we haven´t had a winner for ages!

Well... am... you don't.

General Tool Discussion / Re: Fuzzbucket – Down on the Farm
« Last post by Fuzzbucket on Today at 12:48:49 AM »
Where's my C4?! :rant:

Alrigh, alright - keep you hair on - i forgot.... geeeeessssss!!!!

Ronald – sin-bin (Heresy)
Pabs – F14
Alephy C96, G36, HK417
Marc - X5
Firiki – sin-bin (troublemaking)
Mechy - C4
Events Forum / Re: Nordic meeting 2018?
« Last post by Pablo O'Brien on Today at 12:44:57 AM »
Oh hey, look at all the spectators in unsafe locations.  :ahhh

wow that's painful to watch!
I had a similar blade on a second hand Squirt I got for 8 bucks, sharpened to a V grind with my Worksharp field sharpener. Now it's still ugly and scratched, but sharp and even!   :salute:

Yeah I don't really care if it is all scratched up and even ugly as you put it since I only got it to have a couple of tools like the little plier's and awl to compliment my sak of either the Picnicker or the Compact!  Other than the blade issue, the P4 is actually in pretty decent shape so I am happy with my $12 spent.

I am just looking for ideas on getting it in the best sharpened shape I can in either v grind or chisel.  Since it only has the chisel grind at the tip and very inside edge, I am thinking v grind also but just don't know if I have the tools to accomplish it.

Thx for the comment.
Thinking about which tools I actually use on multitools I also end up with the opposite list; tools that are common on multitools (including SAKs) but which never ever gets used. As such I think I'd rather have that space used for something else or not wasting space and weight on those at all.

Clearly we all have different uses so what some consider waste will be someone elses treasure. That said it would be interesting to see it there are some that most considers waste?

My personal list of tools that never ever gets used includes:

  • Can opener - it is on pretty much all tools I got, and I've used them exactly once. Not because I needed them, but just to try how the different ones work.. Many cans these days just rip open anyway, and the hiking market have other solutions than cans these days.
  • Crimpers - a one size crimper can't fit all so I don't trust that the connections made are all 100% good - and if just 1% is off that is 1% of mysterious errors to discover at a worse time later.
  • Hook - has it uses, although a plier seem to cover most of them anyway. Little use to me - never ever used one.
  • Wine opener - just not for me, and I suspect way more common on tools than actual use demands?
It seems I can't even remember all I don't use.. Help? :surrender:

Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: It's been far too long
« Last post by Grant Lamontagne on Today at 12:38:39 AM »
Beautiful knives!

I remember reading about these back in the sosakonline days. Whatever happened to Scibeer?

He retired from modding due to some personal issues.  I don't know what specifically they were, although I recall that he needed to devote some serious time to other things.

At the time more and more SAK modders were appearing and thinking they could make a buck doing it- some were good, some were in it for a quick buck and some were just awful.

I miss him and I'd love to see him come back some day.


I'd kind of forgotten that the old sosak articles were on the swissarmyknights site. I remember poring over them when I really got interested in learning about SAKs back in 2009. I'm gonna have to go reread them now!

I also remember something called a Scibeer Tool, which I remember thinking was a clever play on the name of the Cyber Tool. I can't remember what the Scibeer model actually was now.

Much like the current crop of nice mods out there (namely syph's), I couldn't afford one of Scibeer's at the time. Though I almost pulled the trigger more than a few times on some the Tim had on the felinevet store. Now I wish i had.  :ahhh

Reply #74  :D

If that's not enough, there is also the Scibeertool CoreDuo

I had forgotten about that one, and the only other mod I recalled was Tim Colling's Senior Mechanic!

Leatherman Tools / New Rebar Fan
« Last post by Nix on Today at 12:34:45 AM »
Maybe I’m an idiot.

I once had a PST…back in ’88? ’89?

I liked it and then I gave it away when I got a SOG mutlitool. And then decided to ‘upgrade’ to a Wave.

Of course, when I stumbled upon the Charge AL, I jumped on that. It was like an improved Wave.

The problem was that given it’s size and weight, I found that I didn’t carry it that often. It was chunky. But it was really capable and had a 154cm knife blade. Never you mind that I always had a knife with me, in addition to a multitool. I liked the idea of a 154cm clip blade.

Which would be nice if I actually carried it.

So then I became enamored of the Juice. First a big Juice with a corkscrew—a lovely gift from a dear friend—and then a smaller Juice S2. Sort of the Swiss Army Knife of Multitools: small, compact, lots of features. And it was easy to carry or pack along. And it came in handy. And I like orange scales.

Then, one day on a hike, I found the Juice wasn’t tough enough to cut old, rusty, barbed wire. The handles bent, the wire cutters dulled, and the barbed wire stayed intact.

You call this a multitool?

So, in a way, I kind of gave up on multitools. Sure, I packed a Charge along with me on motorcycle and car camping trips. And a Juice came along on fishing and backpacking trips. But I stopped carrying a multitool for EDC or even simple hikes.

Then I saw the Rebar. The Rebar seems a lot like the old PST. Simple, small, easy to carry. So I ordered one a few days ago and it showed up today. Why didn’t you guys mention this tool before?

I love it.

Yes, it’s new for me, and I haven’t really tested it hard yet, but it “ticks the boxes” for me. It’s relatively small and compact. It’s relatively light. It has nice pliers and a good tool kit. I even like the 420HC blade. Hey, it locks.

And it looks like the tools would be easy to replace if needed.

Wow. Finally a multitool I’ll actually carry and use. Anybody need a slightly used Wave?
I've never seen one of those.  What other colors did it come with?  If your son has the opportunity, I'd love to see his collection so far!

Miscellaneous Items / Re: Gray Manly Comrade FS
« Last post by Grant Lamontagne on Today at 12:19:42 AM »
That's a beautiful knife!

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