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Cool pics Antti and zoidberg  :like: :like: :tu:
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Thoughts on the Cadet?
« Last post by hiraethus on Today at 03:29:58 PM »
I like the Cadet, but prefer the pen blade to the nail file - so would like a Cadet II instead. :dd:
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Which SAK is getting pocket time today?
« Last post by Wspeed on Today at 03:29:36 PM »
Nice pics glenfiddich and Nix  :like: :like: :tu:
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Camper Challenge!
« Last post by VICMAN on Today at 03:27:53 PM »
Day 30

Thanks for the awesome challenge,  B!

Awarded !

Congratulations El C! :cheers:
General Tool Discussion / Re: What tool did you carry today?
« Last post by Wspeed on Today at 03:27:23 PM »
Thanks Poncho  :cheers: :like: :like:
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Thoughts on the Cadet?
« Last post by VICMAN on Today at 03:21:55 PM »
I'm another fan of the Cadet.  :tu:

I found it's compact size and slim profile was great for when I was dressed a bit more formally. It just disappears into the pocket and doesn't create a bulge. Same is true of a Classic or Ambassador, but the Cadet's 85mm blade is great for heavier tasks, e.g. cutting strapping open or a sandwich in half.

And the assortment of tools is great: it's sort of an office friendly Pioneer.

True, it's nice to have scissors, but then, in the office I awlways kept a proper set of desk scissors, so that function was covered by a stand-alone tool.  And I valued the slim profile more than I wanted scissors on the knife. If Victorinox came out with a Cadet X, I'd have to get one. But I wouldn't be surprised if the slim Cadet made it's way into my pocket more often.

Even if you have a full-sized multi on your belt, the Cadet makes a a great pairing. It's quick to access and use. And it's another sheeple friendly design to be sure.

And, El Corkie.......


Nice pic Nix! :like: :tu: :tu:
 :like: :tu:
Leatherman Tools / Re: Made of Mettle Documentary Leatherman
« Last post by Dutch_Tooler on Today at 03:15:34 PM »
Thanks for sharing!

I liked the historical angle about the initial ideas and development of the tool more than the somewhat overdone "grateful users survive ordeal and meet the creator of the responsible tool" bit. Maybe it's my Northwest European upbringing but that was done in a way that raised my hackles. I also got the impression that Mr. Leatherman was a bit hesitant to meet complete strangers in a remote log cabin (only to discover he'd been set up by his partner, of course), but that may just be my reading.
Awesome and much appreciated, thatotherguy! :)
Stormdrane puts out good stuff on YouTube. Don't be afraid to pause the video or rewind- sometimes the knot isn't intuitive, but you will get it once you get some practice with it.
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