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The Break Room / Re: Playing Battleship by my self, and loving it
« Last post by Alan K. on Today at 02:13:28 AM »
So many puns, so many double entendres. A missed opportunity. :twak:  I haven't seen those targets before they look like they would be fun.
Multitools for Sale / Re: Potential BYSAKs
« Last post by FInixNOver on Today at 02:04:48 AM »
Syêm, You're doing a heck of a job to make as much guys as possible a happy BYSAK owner  :like:

There got to be a badge for that  :salute:
+1 :salute:

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General Tool Discussion / Re: Help of the Sages
« Last post by Old man Chris on Today at 02:03:36 AM »
I have a solution set for you , I come from a similar background in the mechanical/service trades , where a “walk in kit” can be really handy. Enter the Vic Spirit X , Pragnant Guppy set up . It works with , and without  a belt pouch . The Spirit is bar none the highest quality mid sized multi , with the best quality implements , in high density . It’s fairly flat , a d would work well i. a pocket organizer . Shown also is a PBSwiss Stubby driver , with onboard bit magazine . and a little stash for 1/4” hex bits , of my own devising .

I’ll show you with , and without belt pouch .

Compared to the Spirit , the Centerdrive is like monkey Poo .

Edged Tools / Re: What Traditional Knife are you toting today?
« Last post by Dean51 on Today at 01:58:08 AM »
Yes me too, That #43 of yours is killing me  :twak:  I've almost bought one a few times now. Even had one in the cart  :facepalm: but I have a feeling it will be too big for my liking. There are only two Cocobolo models left that I can find on online ....what to do  :ahhh

Buy it :pok: :D

Not helping  :twak:
:dd: You want it  :dd:   
:dd: You want it  :dd:                                                              :dd: It's beautiful  :dd:                                                              :dd: and a sheath  :dd:
Edged Tools / Re: OPINELS
« Last post by zoidberg on Today at 01:56:53 AM »
Thank you Steve and Barry.   :cheers:
The Break Room / Re: Some people!
« Last post by gerleatherberman on Today at 01:51:41 AM »

They must be referring to a man known as 'Tripod'. :whistle:
SOG Tool Forum / Re: Powerlock 30-day challenge
« Last post by gerleatherberman on Today at 01:48:40 AM »
PowerLock. Official Multi Tool of Chipmunk Trappers. :like:

Good work, Nix! I have my fingers crossed that you got all of them. It seems like a daunting task; trapping, transporting, and releasing them. :cheers:
Edged Tools / Re: What Traditional Knife are you toting today?
« Last post by David on Today at 01:46:19 AM »
Churchill today

(Image removed from quote.)

Good pic of your Cburchill.    :like:     A Cocobola 43 would look really nice with it.     :D
General Tool Discussion / Re: Harley’s MTO rotation challenge
« Last post by SteveC on Today at 01:46:06 AM »
Nice pic Poncho !    :like:
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: The watch pocket SAK.
« Last post by Myron on Today at 01:42:00 AM »
Great story, cbl51.  Thanks for posting. 

I too have always carried a small SAK in my watch pocket.  These days it's usually a Cadet but the real king of the Watch Pocket SAKs has got to be the Classic. 

What I have found that I like more, however, is a pair of pants with a coin catch in the main pocket.  It's perfect for carrying a small SAK, keeps it upright in your pocket and separate from other pocketable stuff. 

Thanks again for sharing your story.

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