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July Goal: $275.00
Due Date: Jul 31
Total Receipts: $435.00
PayPal Fees: $25.31
Net Balance: $409.69
Above Goal: $134.69
Site Currency: USD

Thanks for helping to support Multitool.org. By supporting this site you are helping to keep this site from being overrun by ads as well as helping to fund additional projects, reviews and keep us on the cutting edge of multitool using and collecting.

As with any good tool, this site has always been about reliability- we don't purge posts or images to save server space and keep costs down like some other sites do. It means we have a huge database, which comes at an extra cost, but we feel that it's a necessity to have the information available to everyone when they need it. It doesn't matter how good a tool is if it's not there when it counts!

Thanks for keeping the Unworkable Working!

Grant Lamontagne

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sbleekerii $20.00 (USD)   Jul-2518.96
Borg $10.00 (USD)   Jul-219.31
Borg £2.00 (GBP)   Jul-212.00
WDY $30.00 (USD)   Jul-1928.59
sak60 $25.00 (USD)   Jul-1923.72
MTG $10.00 (USD)   Jul-199.31
Jack $20.00 (USD)   Jul-1818.96
Elby €10.00 (EUR)   Jul-1810.00
cranked247 $10.00 (USD)   Jul-179.33
Aleph78 $30.00 (USD)   Jul-1428.53
danilo $10.00 (USD)   Jul-149.31
Kevin Davey £21.33 (GBP)   Jul-1221.33
Noa Isumi $10.00 (USD)   Jul-129.33
Grathr $20.00 (USD)   Jul-1218.92
kakashi $5.00 (USD)   Jul-104.51
lemo $5.00 (USD)   Jul-104.5
airballrad $20.00 (USD)   Jul-918.96
Anonymous $25.00 (USD)   Jul-723.77
ColoSwiss $10.00 (USD)   Jul-79.33
fivesense $5.00 (USD)   Jul-54.51
BlueDot $5.00 (USD)   Jul-44.51
BlueDot $5.00 (USD)   Jul-44.51
dbeeks1 $10.00 (USD)   Jul-49.33
smiller43147 $10.00 (USD)   Jul-39.33
cranked247 $10.00 (USD)   Jul-29.33
HankSolon $20.00 (USD)   Jul-218.92
Shalom $10.00 (USD)   Jul-29.31
hiraethus $10.00 (USD)   Jul-19.31
kirk13 $20.00 (USD)   Jul-118.92
kottskrapa $20.00 (USD)   Jul-118.92
Smashie $30.00 (USD)   Jul-128.53
ReamerPunch $20.00 (USD)   Jul-118.92

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July Goal: $275.00
Due Date: Jul 31
Total Receipts: $435.00
PayPal Fees: $25.31
Net Balance: $409.69
Above Goal: $134.69
Site Currency: USD
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