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I went ahead and sharpened the Endeavor branded blade until it could cut receipt paper. Then I went and made 30 slices through a cardboard box, each slice minimum 12 inches long. This heated the blade up quite a bit. I then tested it, and it was able to just barely cut receipt paper. It tore it a bit, whereas before it cut almost perfectly cleanly.  Not sure what that really says about the blade quality.

Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: CYC2: Return of the Executive
« Last post by cbl51 on Today at 08:33:17 PM »
Okay, day three of my getting to know the executive.

I'm really liking this knife. I found today that unlike the little 58mm, the main blade of the exec is capable of slicing an everything bagel from Panera bread in half. The better half and I are in the habit of stopping by Panera to get a couple bagels and those little cream cheese containers for 'rations' on our woods walks around the trails of Lake Georgetown. The little 58 or the blade on the Leatherman squirt is too small for this job, so had to take a third knife along on trips that may involve food by the trailside. No longer!

That itty bitty little extra blade length is handy. Works better for spreading the cream cheese too! :D

I'm still making my mind up on the nail file over the rough stuff on the 58's nail file. Does anyone know what the 58 nail file stuff is????
General Tool Discussion / Re: Need to understand "Rebar Love"
« Last post by gerleatherberman on Today at 08:29:58 PM »
Nice pic, Matt! :like:

Day 10:
Used the ReWave to remove a bunch of wood screws. Power drill kept stripping the screw heads out. The inside tools work very well in a folded out position. I don't even close the handles anymore when using the implements.  :tu:

Second pic is of the new caster socket in the new hole and the caster with the metal cleaned. Just a follow-up to LoopCutter's inquiry.  :)
Multitools for Sale / Re: FSOT: Alox Cadet 2017 LE Olive Green, NIB
« Last post by Mechanickal on Today at 08:25:40 PM »
Just see this now...

And it's not my birthday soon :'(

Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: 30 day challenge - 58, 65 and 74mm SAKs
« Last post by Ron Who on Today at 08:22:14 PM »
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Which SAK is getting pocket time today?
« Last post by Wspeed on Today at 08:09:30 PM »
Gr8 pics every1!!!

Sent from my Redmi Note 5

Sent fra min FRD-L09 via Tapatalk

+2 :like: :like:
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Alox forever!
« Last post by Wspeed on Today at 08:08:30 PM »
The PioneerX  :tu:
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Alox forever!
« Last post by Wspeed on Today at 08:08:04 PM »
Nice pics everyone  :like: :like: :tu:
Multitools for Sale / Re: FSOT: Alox Cadet 2017 LE Olive Green, NIB
« Last post by Myron on Today at 08:03:32 PM »
Withdrawn.  I have a buddy with a birthday coming up who will love this one. 

Moderator, please close this thread. 


What an interesting piece!  :cheers:
More of a multi-tool than just a set of Allen bits, that's for sure!  :cheers:
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