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Deals and Auctions / Re: Leatherman White Skeletool Limited Edition
« Last post by lovecraft25 on Today at 09:17:22 PM »
Oh... And about shipping :

Hello. That's no problem. The cost of shipping to France is 14,99 Euro and to USA is 37,99 Euro.

Best regards

The Break Room / Re: The Great Chili Thread
« Last post by Whoey on Today at 09:12:19 PM »

I bought pork shoulder (for pulled pork) when we were at the supermarket earlier, and the wife bought some apples and pears to make compote...

I better hurry up and figure out what the heck I'm doing!
Please vote in the poll.  Thank you.

  PS: List of parts added.

General Tool Discussion / Re: What if you don´t need pliers?
« Last post by Dutch_Tooler on Today at 09:09:51 PM »
Theres options like SOG Baton. But if you really dont need pliers, SAK is most versatile tool compared to others

Only Tools Matters


However I have run into enough situations where pliers and wire cutters were extremely useful. So for EDC my advice would continue to be to carry at least a plier based MT. YMMV.
Leatherman Tools / Re: September Storm: 30 days of Waves
« Last post by gerleatherberman on Today at 09:09:29 PM »
Day 21:

Changed the plate on the light switch in the bathroom before work. The old one had been cracked for months. :facepalm:
thanks for the pics and thoughts GLBM!  :cheers:
 This in my mind is (wa) one of the tools that could save SOG's reputation and their first step into being welcome back to the "Quality Knife/MT brands" list after their last decade of stagnation and less than stellar products  :ahhh :twak:

This seems very carriable and decently functional for the size (packing a big "punch" in a  small "package" so to speak), I especially like the Wharncliffe blade  :o (arguably the best shape for small blades to increase cutting edge end give max performance for the length  8)) and the hook cutter.

I'm obsessed with hook/belt/V cutters as of late  :D, how well does this one work?  :think: Have you tested it yet?  :popcorn:

thanks for everything and keep up the good work! You're filling the internet with useful info, comparisons and great pics of almost every tool out there  :hatsoff: :multi:
:hatsoff: and thank you. :cheers:

Hook cutter is fine for string and soft straps, but could benefit from a good sharpening. Ideally, re-edging it with a grind on both sides would make it awesome. I may do that with a round file on the Pint at some point. I think it would have a hard time with quality paracord with the factory edge. :ahhh
Leatherman Tools / Re: Black EOD Wire Cutter Inserts??
« Last post by Dutch_Tooler on Today at 09:05:52 PM »
AFAIK the only difference is colour, not size or hardness...
Leatherman Tools / Re: Black EOD Wire Cutter Inserts??
« Last post by OldBoy2016 on Today at 09:03:05 PM »
Thank you Steve. I just want to make sure I phrased my question correctly.

There are 2 types of replaceable wire cutters (WC).
1 type is the shiny finish that per websites would fit the shiny Rebar and  shiny ST 300

The 2nd type is the black oxide EOD WC that would only fit the black EOD ST and black EOD MUT

So essentially per websites the WC inserts fit like to like. Meaning shiny to shiny and black to black

I’m wondering if the black WC meant for EOD (detonation) can be used for the shiny Rebar.

Will it fit and will it still do the job.
Thanks Sir!!

Leatherman Tools / Re: September Storm: 30 days of Waves
« Last post by Obi1shinobee on Today at 09:02:56 PM »
DAY 21 CASHEW AND PISTACHIO  :drool: :drool:
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