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Looks like a comfortable handle for hard use.

I find that to be the case. Thanks, VICMAN.

Here's a more refined Wharncliffe from Idaho maker Mike Okamura. D2 steel. Slender handle but very comfortable. Makes a great EDC.

Edged Tools / Re: Essee Izula ,people's thoughts?
« Last post by VICMAN on Today at 08:19:43 PM »
Well the Esee izula just came through the door,first impressions ,smaller than I though  :D but of a handy size,discreet for UK outdoor pursuit carry ,I'm a fan of 1095 ,I can see this being part of my future camping kit ,now to test it out  :salute:

Nice knife Zed! :like: :tu: :tu:
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Test,please ignore
« Last post by raistlin65 on Today at 08:17:51 PM »
The Mod Squad / Re: And so it begins.... (My adventures into Alox!)
« Last post by Reinier on Today at 08:17:02 PM »
Cool :)
Edged Tools / Re: The Great Barlow thread!
« Last post by VICMAN on Today at 08:16:49 PM »
Nice work!

Thanks! I'm hoping it will get a nice patina over time, like the old one I carried.

 8) 8)

I think.....

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That's your first post
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without hidden comments!!!
Mostly the knife, but me, a little bit, too.....

Edged Tools / Re: Scandinavian Knives
« Last post by VICMAN on Today at 08:15:45 PM »
Here's one my wife got me many years ago, a Frosts by Mora:

A gem of a Scandi.
I think your wife is a keeper Nix! :like: :tu: :tu: :cheers:
Edged Tools / Re: Scandinavian Knives
« Last post by VICMAN on Today at 08:14:21 PM »

That is a good looking knife Vidar!  :like: :tu: :tu:
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