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Gadget Freak and EDC Forum / Re: Let's talk pens!
« Last post by pfrsantos on Today at 07:34:58 PM »
Nice leather PF.

Thanks. I like how it gets that worn out look with time.

 :tu: :tu:
Edged Tools / Re: What Traditional Knife are you toting today?
« Last post by pfrsantos on Today at 07:33:57 PM »
Got a trad today, too. Like I have for the last week. Laggy, paired with Compact.

 8) 8)
Edged Tools / Re: What Traditional Knife are you toting today?
« Last post by pfrsantos on Today at 07:32:59 PM »
Camillus 70

(Image removed from quote.)

Sweeeeet!      :like:   verah much.    :tu:

Duuuude!      :like:   verah much.    :tu:

I hope I'm doing this right...


Show content
Still think it's easier not to quote, inn the first place...

 :think: :think:
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Got my first Swiss Army Kut today
« Last post by KandiKlover on Today at 07:28:45 PM »
The FILE did that?  :ahhh
Did your SAK come from the glovebox of Christine, by any chance? :think:

Yeah it surprised me too, it was the Metal Saw side tjat got me but I figured it would've just been a small cut or scrape like with sandpaper or accidentally rubbing against the file side but ot cut deep and wide.
General Tool Discussion / Re: It's my birthday....
« Last post by ChrisinHove on Today at 07:26:52 PM »
Happy Birthday!!!!
The Mod Squad / Re: Improved explorer
« Last post by kottskrapa on Today at 07:26:28 PM »
EXPEDITION  :cheers:
Then it is settled! Expedition it is

[It's not failure if you learn something from it]

So does the saw now sit on top of the hook just like the scissors did?
No, I used the whole saw layer from a camper so the scissors, backspring and hooked have a vacation in my parts box

[It's not failure if you learn something from it]

Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Fish scaler and my cat
« Last post by KandiKlover on Today at 07:26:00 PM »
Good training lol also works good on your own head too. I've used the scaler on my cat to remove goatheads, she's outside a lot and will roll on them without even noticing.
Gerber Tools / Re: Grappler Tool Kit
« Last post by King_Gorilla on Today at 07:24:36 PM »
that's cool.

You said those bits and the adapter are the ones that come with a Diesel?

I thought about buying a Gerber Grappler but never did.   :(
Just in case there are a few other members with limited computer knowledge, I wanted to inform them how to reply to a partial quote so as not cause other members to have to scroll through a bunch of unnecessary lines to read a post.

One of the other members was kind enough to tell me how to make a partial quote when replying to a post...

"Adjusting a quote is easy - You just hit the quote button then go into the quote and delete away"

Just in case you don't know how to delete, follow this:

Using your cursor drag the arrow to the right end of the last sentence you want to delete, then hold down the left button on your cursor and drag it from right to left until the line is blue or darkened, then, still holding down the left button, drag the cursor up until everything you want to delete is blue or darkened.

Now take your finger off of the left button and hit the backspace button and all the material in blue will be deleted, so that when you reply it will just show the shortened version.

I hope this is helpful to those like me who are learning the ins and outs of computers.

Keep up all the good posts everyone!

I really enjoy reading them.
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