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General Tool Discussion / Re: Disaster strikes!
« Last post by Nix on Today at 04:09:57 AM »

Nix, your admonishment is well deserved on my part.  While feeling quite embarrassed, I felt that a confession to my MTO brethren was the only sure way to rid myself of the shame. 

My Clowny brother, I feel confident this will NEVER happen again. You are fully absolved of any shame or dishonor by your confession and act of contrition. Go forth and represent Swiis Army Knights as you were born to do!  :SAKnight:
Edged Tools / Re: Wood Handled Wednesday !
« Last post by cody6268 on Today at 04:09:46 AM »
Here is another one I used to carry a lot.It is actually lighter than it looks. Made by Track Knives for Ithaca Gun Works this one was purchased well used at a flea market for $5 about 30 years ago. Blade was very pitted;probably from having animal blood left on it after being used.Serial # 775 with Ithaca logo(stylized bear paw) Cleaned up nicely and holds a mean edge(convex ground). No nail mark(not needed) and it locks up solid when opened. I still carry it occasionally and it is light enough to comfortably carry in the pocket.

Nice one! I have an Ithaca 20GA Super Single that was my great-uncles that I've been learning how to shoot (most of my life, I've messed with air rifles and .22s). Remington, Beretta, Winchester, and Remington knives seem pretty easy to find, but these Ithaca ones aren't, especially cheap. That's why I mostly collect Camillus and Bear and Sons Remingtons (and I do have a beat up, but original 1930s Remington BSA).
General Tool Discussion / Re: Disaster strikes!
« Last post by gerleatherberman on Today at 04:06:56 AM »
Before I got into MTs, I would occasionally forget to throw my Pinchy and Explorer in my back pocket before leaving to work.  Like you, it would leave me feeling naked. I would reach for it all day, like a ghost limb  :ahhh
After I got into MTs, I started leaving a backup MT, SAK, and light at work. But, I am fortunate, as I have a safe place to stash a small pencil box of goodies. The box contains an MP600 (which is fine in case I forget my main carry), a worn out SAK Explorer, an old incandescent maglite, extra batteries, toothbrush/toothpaste, allergy meds, and other routine medicines I have to take daily. A nice "Just in Case I forget anything"  pack. :)
Since I began doing that, I haven't forgotten my tools or meds. But, being 20 miles from home, it is nice to know my daily routine will be similar/the same, because of the stashed box. :tu:
The Break Room / Re: Extremely Random thoughts.
« Last post by MadPlumbarian on Today at 04:03:56 AM »
Well, after three casts and a month later, the Mrs finally got use of her arm.. just got it’s first shower, all the other times I had to put a trash bag over it, but for the last cast it was a little tight and I guess it rubbed a little and made a blister, she’s sooo glad to have it off yet sooo nerves something will go wrong.. :poh:

Hey on the good side I might actually get some more room on the bed rather then having to give room to a pillow for her to keep her arm elevated.. :whistle:
The Shutter Shop / Re: The Rockin' Multi-tool Picture Show !
« Last post by David on Today at 03:57:54 AM »
Good pics Matt!     :like:
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Red Alox
« Last post by gustophersmob on Today at 03:49:03 AM »
Thread resurrection!  :D

Just looked through this thread again and thought it was drool-worthy enough to revive.

Anyone have any new red alox to share?

Another necro thread bump!

Well, to quote myself from almost 6 years ago: anyone have more red alox to share?
General Tool Discussion / Re: Harley’s MTO rotation challenge
« Last post by Poncho65 on Today at 03:43:57 AM »
Hope you can keep continuing with us Alan :salute:

Great pics by everyone today  :tu: :like:
General Tool Discussion / Re: Harley’s MTO rotation challenge
« Last post by LoopCutter on Today at 03:39:36 AM »
Day 17 -
I choose my dark grey Pioneer for pocket duty today, and full fill our Two Layer Tuesday theme.


Also, so far from what I can find, original manufacturers of quality plier tools (not just the poor copies that abound everywhere) include:
  • Coast (Pocket Mechanic, Pro Pocket Mechanic, Sport Mechanic)
  • SOG (ToolClip)
  • Al-Mar (4x4 and QuickPlier/Quicksilver/QuickClip)
  • Russian military (6e6 Ratnik multitool)
  • Wenger (SwissGrip and MiniGrip/PocketGrip)
  • AG Russell (Pocket Tool Box)
  • Marble's (Fishing pliers)

LMK if I'm missing any!

I've come across several older MTs that are a similar design (but not identical) to the Marble's Fishing Plier.  I'm not sure exactly where they were made, but seem to be marked as German (mostly Solingen), Japan, France or Italy.  There are minor variations in design & tool sets.
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