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General Tool Discussion / Re: Alternatives to Leatherman Freestyle???
« Last post by alexTOOL on Today at 11:52:16 PM »
Not sure what do u need to do with the pliers. Not exactly very strong, but decent enough to grip things. Wire cutter doesn't work very well. Blade is nice and locks, minimal tools. I think it came with a pocket clip. Have to go back to check mine. Kilimanjaro Rappel I. Quite a nice smallish tool.

I will see

This thread has me wondering how hard it would be to remove the torsion bar from a Reactor....

Guess it's time to start looking a little closer..... 



Thank you all guys
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: What did you use your Sak on today?
« Last post by KandiKlover on Today at 11:52:05 PM »
After a couple days of testing the mechanical watch has a loss of about 2 minutes 15 seconds per 24 hours. Not too bad but it could be better so I popped the toothpick out of the SwissChamp :climber: and used it to get to adjusting the regulator arm. Doing much better now, I'll have to wait until next evening to see just how much but it sounds pretty close now.

(Image removed from quote.)

And video of the movement ticking along now

Cool watch. Good use of the toothpick.
The video is nice too!   :like: :tu: :tu:

Thanks!  :D Always handy to have a narrow stick for precise tinkering hehe :drink:
General Tool Discussion / Re: Reevaluating my off day carry
« Last post by alexTOOL on Today at 11:50:30 PM »
I will give you combo options tested by me:

- Vic Cadet
- Vic folding scissors (Nogent scissors really) >>> http://www.ciseauxpliants...les/1_bordeaux__trio_.jpg
- LM Mini

- LM Style PS
- Vic Cadet

- Vic Manager
- LM Skeletool or Freestyle

- Vic Voyager
- LM Mini

- LM PS4 or LM Style PS
- Vic Bantam

- LM Style CS
- LM Skeletool

And so on...

Which set is used most often?  I notice some "favorites".

It is difficult to downloadsize...  :P :rant: :facepalm:
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Chuck Yeager Challenge
« Last post by NorCalJim on Today at 11:35:45 PM »
Throughout this challenge, my regard for the Executive (that I previously had ignored) has grown substantially.  My Executive collection has also grown from an initial two (bid on two auctions hoping to get one and got both) to eight. Three are new, one has a nail file that is severely blemished (seller sent me another and told me to keep the other), one is in excellent shape and two are cleaned, oiled and ready for sanding/polishing of tools. I have been using the used/excellent shape Executive for paracord/lanyard duty.

The two latest arrived today from Amazon...

Red and Black Executives - New by NorCal Jim, on Flickr
Leatherman Tools / Re: wave owners club,
« Last post by MusicMen on Today at 11:33:05 PM »
1018171702a by Poncho 65, on Flickr
Poncho, your pictures are always well composed.   :cheers:
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Part of my collection
« Last post by El Corkscrew on Today at 11:30:51 PM »
 :cheers:  :D
The Break Room / Re: MT.org is awesome. 500 post celebration. :)
« Last post by LoopCutter on Today at 11:24:36 PM »
Congratulations, it is good to review your contributions. 

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
SOG Tool Forum / Re: powerlock owners club,
« Last post by Bancomat85 on Today at 11:14:43 PM »
Here the new baby!! Really funny to play with her, but i spotted a few imperfections and i don't know if is normal or not...
The needlenose points pf the pliers are slightly not aligned...
the spring on the 1/4 inch socket drive fall off too often, but i can fix it...
the lock of the tools isn't so smooth and solid as the Leatherman one, but it works well...
As i told in a previous post, the little pieces that covers the compound system moves a little bit...
The scissors are really useless... worst scissors ever seen, i'll probably swap with the v-cutter (that seems way better).

Your powerlock are perfect? Or you have my same problems too?
The overall impression is good, but i really would know if my exemplar is defective or if sog quality control standard is...this...
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Three Layer Thursday!
« Last post by NorCalJim on Today at 11:13:03 PM »
Climber today...

Climber - LL Bean Black by NorCal Jim, on Flickr
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: A good scare!
« Last post by LoopCutter on Today at 11:11:47 PM »
I am very great full you are doing better after the scare.

Keep those priorities in order, every day evaluate them, and if you miss something make up for it ASAP. 

I wish you many, many more sunrises with each being better than the previous one!  All the best.

PS: I really don’t need any more, BUT if you got any orange handled items I could be persuaded;)

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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