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Leatherman Tools / Re: New wave w/o date code
« Last post by tango44 on Today at 05:58:25 PM »
I just receive this Wave on a trade and it only says the year of made 13 inside a circle.
What does the 9D and 12D means?
Thank you.

thanks gdoolittle for your posts and experiences with carrying the wave, signal and skele

I will reconsider the reactor.  driver is third on my list of most used tools with knife at first and pliers at second.

Gareth, I have been devouring all the info about the big three sog leatherman gerber knives that fit my parameters...this forum and it's members have so much knowledge saved in their discussions, it's awesome  :tu:

The bullrush and MP1 don't have pocket clips do they?  The MP1 with forged pliers head and mini prybar is really sweet I just don't see a pocket clip option in my searches.  The crucial is another option I would I could handle before buying.  I'll have to research that one more.

the center drive looks great and that center drive would be useful for me but I don't see a pocket clip option

the coyote tan version of the signal is really seducing me:

Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Your SAK, with other toys...
« Last post by Ronald Schröder on Today at 05:50:14 PM »
My other toys are SAKs as well.
Leatherman Tools / Re: What is being carried today ?
« Last post by Monrogue on Today at 05:48:41 PM »
Thanks guys!

Proud SAKMC member :)

Edged Tools / Re: Edged tools in the garden
« Last post by Ronald Schröder on Today at 05:47:41 PM »
Just a random pic and bump.
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: SAKMC
« Last post by Monrogue on Today at 05:47:29 PM »
The mighty MechaRogue still on duty.  Days are numbered though, as the updated TiRogueneer is on the way....

Proud SAKMC member :)
No worries!
I'll pm my adress...

Proud SAKMC member :)

Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: The Greatest SAK Combo Thread
« Last post by Ronald Schröder on Today at 05:45:40 PM »
Good combo!

In truth, I've given up trying to find the perfect SAK. Combos do the trick so much better!
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: SAKMC
« Last post by Ronald Schröder on Today at 05:42:05 PM »
MechaNickal? What about MechaSteal?
"I understand that you may think that this is your rucksack Dad, but you'd be wrong."
And I'm the one who thinks I do things like a monkey with a hammer. The pins are bent, bushings mangled, and I don't see the screw or rivet for the scissors.  And I'm the one complaining that I can't get the bushings off in a manner as to be able to reuse them.
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