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The Break Room / Re: Visiting Oslo. What to do?
« Last post by kkokkolis on Today at 10:35:17 PM »
It's small pieces of pickled herring with onion and spices you'll usually get in Norway.


The Mod Squad / Re: Mini Wave mod.. well sort of..
« Last post by Dutch_Tooler on Today at 10:34:57 PM »
Nice Sam, I'd never have thought of doing that :tu:

The saw seems a little bit short...

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The Mod Squad / Re: Mini Wave mod.. well sort of..
« Last post by stoneshank on Today at 10:30:59 PM »
Well done! First multitool I would carry around, not feeling bricked down

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The Mod Squad / Re: Mini Wave mod.. well sort of..
« Last post by gerleatherberman on Today at 10:28:21 PM »
It's. ....it's. ...so..uhhhmm...cute. like a Wave puppy. :like:

A pug you mean...  ;) no offense intended for pug owners!
Ironic that my dog is a pug.  :rofl:
He is 15yo. :facepalm:
Edged Tools / Re: What Is Your Latest Knife?
« Last post by raistlin65 on Today at 10:22:29 PM »
Beautiful Utica!     :like:   

I agree. Cool scales!!!
Edged Tools / Re: What Traditional Knife are you toting today?
« Last post by Zed on Today at 10:13:56 PM »
great pics everyone  :salute:
Over at Watchuseek, several of their members have reported finding Victorinox INOX watches on bracelet in the blue and dark gray dials for $129. Seems like a good percentage of people are finding them, so worth checking your local TJ Maxx if interested. I picked up a gray dial one today:

Watch it! / Re: What is your latest watch
« Last post by raistlin65 on Today at 10:07:10 PM »
This month is not good for my wallet. Watchuseek members had noted that many TJ Maxx's are getting in Vic INOX watches with bracelets for $129. They had several at mine, so had to add one to my SAW collection:

Leatherman Tools / Re: Leatherman 2018 Rumors?
« Last post by cody6268 on Today at 10:02:51 PM »
I'm hoping they make a RBx, as I really want the fully serrated 154CM blade in my standard Skeletool, and can't justify another Skeletool when the only differences is the bits, color, and blade. Other than that, it's the run of the mill Skeletool. D2 pliers, which are stronger than the cast stainless used today. Oh, and a modern successor to the Mini Tool.
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