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Haven’t had it happen on a mod or build, but seen is on a few used knives over the years. I check the fit before peening. I just push the main blade toward the small blade. Mostly to check for any alignment issues, but also contact with the liner and spacer.

One possible fix if you don’t want to take it apart is to remove a tiny bit of material on the round end of the tang where it goes flat on the blade side. Where the blade makes contact with the backspring when closed. Just not the choil side.

Good luck with the fix.

nice one, I think I'll give that a go as don't want to take it apart again at this stage if possible ;0)

Collector's Forum / Re: Gareth's Sword Collection.
« Last post by Gareth on Today at 12:52:36 PM »
Moving forward in the 18th Century we come to this sword from sometime around the 1770s, apparently quite a significant period for my colonial chums. ;)  Unlike the two smallswords we've looked at already this is a blade intended for a cut-and-thrust style of fighting rather than the thrust only.  This single edged blade is known as a "backsword" to signify it has a thick spine rather than being a double edged blade.  Also this may have been known as a spadroon; a term for a lighter sword than basket-hilted claymores or cavalry swords that were around at the same time.  This one is incredibly light at almost exactly 1 lb or 460g.  This is in part due to it's very simple guard and bone grip but also a very slim blade.  This light weight and unobtrusive guard would have made for a very convenient sword to carry on campaign.  The guard still shows some trace of the gilt that would have had it nice and shiny when new.

He's a very handsome wee chap.  :)
Molly has decide the birds have the right idea and has gone back to nesting in this shrub.  ::)

(Image removed from quote.)
Dogs and their burrowing.  She looks cute and happy.
Edged Tools / Re: Deep in the Spydie Hole Challenge- August 2020
« Last post by RF52 on Today at 12:29:47 PM »
Day 10:

Some electrical work :tu:
PM2 did great :cheers:

Sent fra min FRD-L09 via Tapatalk

Multitools for Sale / Re: Trade Section Payment System. PLEASE READ!
« Last post by Gareth on Today at 12:17:08 PM »
Got it.  Seems more than fair.   :climber:

much appreciated Jefe.  :hatsoff:
Molly has decide the birds have the right idea and has gone back to nesting in this shrub.  ::)

It was cool here also today, although the humidity was still pretty bad.  Fisher taking his usually break near the end.
(Image removed from quote.)

He's a very handsome wee chap.  :)
Edged Tools / Re: Deep in the Spydie Hole Challenge- August 2020 Day 10
« Last post by SurgeUk on Today at 11:56:42 AM »
DAY 10

This morning it's the turn of the UKPK

It helped cut away some dead leaves from one of the chilli plants (a banana chilli if you want to know  :dunno: )
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Pics of your SAKs outside
« Last post by Chidling on Today at 11:32:10 AM »
I also spent some time with carving last weekend  :whistle:

Leatherman Tools / Re: Lawnmower 1 LM Micra 0
« Last post by Poncho65 on Today at 11:29:37 AM »
 :iagree: :rofl:

That looks awful :ahhh :ahhh :ahhh
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