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Edged Tools / Re: Don't you judge me .
« Last post by ColoSwiss on Today at 09:06:25 AM »
If you really want to be judged negatively you could have paid some ridiculous amount for a Gil Hibben. At least that BG is pretty straight forward.

The Break Room / Re: double post - ignore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
« Last post by ColoSwiss on Today at 08:58:12 AM »
No, but I've eaten alligator.

It was cooked Cajun-style and waaaay over spiced.
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: SI Owners Club
« Last post by firiki on Today at 08:40:33 AM »
:cheers: That makes two of us who have learned something today. I learned my good friend firiki is back 'on line' as the youth call it, and most importantly, that he drinks Ribena. Was it an enjoyable experience?

We will make the gooseberries into a jam (jelly as our US compatriates say), or conserve (as our European comrades have it).

How's things in Sunny Greece M'Lord?

On what front, dear Sir magentus of MTO?   :D

I can't remember a rainiest (is that a word?) month of June, now tempeture is rising to abnormal levels, all of which, alas, contributes to my remaining stranded with a touch screen for another good while until home repairs are over... :(

Ribena... other than the odd orange juice or home made lemonade, I don't drink juice in general, canned ones even less. Add to that I am not fond of most berries, then you see why I didn't like Ribena.

Fruits preserves, on the other hand, I love greatly. Bilberry, strawberry, orange, bergamot, strawberry tree (arbutus unedo), peach are my favourite ones in order of preference :drool:

I trust you'll be playing Jammin' by Bob Marley in a buckle while making jam and and I hope it turns out delicious  :cheers:

Edged Tools / Re: What Traditional Knife are you toting today?
« Last post by Gareth on Today at 08:31:23 AM »
good knives today fellers!     :like:

Packed the Pal today.   :)

nice choice. :tu:
Edged Tools / Re: The Humble Utility Knife.
« Last post by Chako on Today at 08:14:00 AM »
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: New DAK collector
« Last post by Mechanickal on Today at 07:55:03 AM »
The Break Room / Re: longest confirmed sniper shot.
« Last post by Chako on Today at 07:52:22 AM »
Well, I posted because that is an astounding feet. The skill involved is simply awe-inspiring regardless of the nationality of the shooter. Frankly, we Canadians have been told that our troops are only over there as overseers and trainers for the Iraqi army. I was a bit surprised at this news to be honest, as I do think are most Canadians.  We have been repeatedly told that our troops are not over there to fight. I guess we now know the truth on that matter. Here is a current news article about the NDP opposition leader talking about the sniper news...


This does not detract from the feat however, and I would have posted this info regardless of nationality.  :salute:

General Tool Discussion / Re: blunt question
« Last post by kaput on Today at 07:44:35 AM »
this was pretty much my thinking.  Most of what I use a multi tool for, falls into this catagory.  And mostly, I don't find a needle nose that useful.  I was thinking about blunting the needle nose on my Rebar, but I'm not sure if it would adversely affect how the tool closes up.  Maybe I'll do a search in the Mods section.  thanks.

I blunted my Kick and no it does not close smoothly.  I have to finagle it to close.  Its not terrible but it would be nice if it were to close without fuss.
Why does "blunting" the pliers cause an issue of closing? Your not adding material into tight spaces?

I'm curious too  :think:
Sheaths, Bags, Packs and Carry Methods / Re: Learning to make Sheaths
« Last post by Sparky415 on Today at 07:42:17 AM »

Lovely work and your stitching is really neat  :drool:
The Mod Squad / Re: Need a way to keep my Wave Closed!
« Last post by kaput on Today at 07:35:02 AM »
Whelp I've given up on my magnets coming in.

For now a loop or rubber band sounds best, I've got plenty of metal lying around, I might try to rig up an "Evil" style lock.
I remember your first post saying you didn't want to have to use a rubber band or something like that. It's unfortunate your Wave just falls open too, mine does not, however I can flick force it open when I want to.

Have you considered adding the pocket clip. That would Seem to do the trick for pocket carry just fine, no?  ;)

Also a pocket caddy would help your situation perfectly. Perfect for pocket carry. Makes loose tools ride like a dream in the pocket, and would remedy your problem 100%.  :tu:
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