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Leatherman Tools / Re: What is being carried today ?
« Last post by BadMechanic on Today at 12:41:53 AM »
Sidekick and Rev doing some work!
Leatherman Tools / Re: What did you use your Leatherman for today?
« Last post by BadMechanic on Today at 12:36:35 AM »
My work week has started!

On the label printer stacker (horizontal) the chute going up and placing the label was stuttering a bit. Took sides off, one which has belts, pulleys and electrical parts in the way.

Used my Rev to take out about 15 screws. Phillips was perfectly length and head size.
Leatherman Tools / Re: Friday Freeday!
« Last post by Top-Gear-24 on Today at 12:31:50 AM »
Leatherman Tools / Re: ~ The Great PST Challenge ~
« Last post by Antti Lammi on Today at 12:29:48 AM »
Day 13 of 30

Blade and file was used today, blade was opening packages and file was used to remove burrs on metal plates

Only Tools Matters
Leatherman Tools / Re: Ye Olde Club of Old School Leatherman
« Last post by Poncho65 on Today at 12:28:16 AM »
Leatherman Tools / Re: PST, PST II Owners Club
« Last post by Poncho65 on Today at 12:27:31 AM »
Thanks Ray  :hatsoff:
The Mod Squad / Re: Show off my SAK mods!
« Last post by Jspiggle on Today at 12:22:13 AM »
Uni break has been productive so far

The Mod Squad / Re: SAK for blade-free zones
« Last post by Jspiggle on Today at 12:13:55 AM »
Crazy cool thread and damn fine "knife" so far Max  :o.
Edged Tools / Re: Which FOLDING KNIFE did you carry today?
« Last post by eTripper on Today at 12:00:40 AM »
 :cheers: :salute:
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