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Cassie in a similar spot

* 20220518_211640.jpg (Filesize: 222.5 KB)
Aww cute !
Leatherman Tools / Re: Leatherman accessories club!
« Last post by Poncho65 on Today at 03:45:11 PM »
Thanks pa :hatsoff:
Leatherman Tools / Re: Leathermans and Coffee
« Last post by Poncho65 on Today at 03:44:52 PM »
Another excellent pic, Aloha 8) :like: :like:
Leatherman Tools / Re: Leathermans and Coffee
« Last post by Aloha on Today at 03:41:43 PM »
Rained last night  :dunno:.  I didn't even see it on the forecast.  Not complaining at all just reporting. 
The Mod Squad / Re: Charge Mod Suggestions
« Last post by RatBikeRod on Today at 03:32:42 PM »
So, the new G10 goes very well with my light EDC setup.

Edged Tools / Re: The 2022 Folding Hunter (Not a Buck 110) Challenge
« Last post by pfrsantos on Today at 03:30:43 PM »
DAY 20
Browning Obsession

Today's victims (some of them).

Leatherman Tools / Re: Leatherman accessories club!
« Last post by pa_strunk on Today at 03:28:06 PM »
Those are some awesome pics  :tu:
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: May 2022 Swisstool Super Challenge
« Last post by Barry Rowland on Today at 03:23:46 PM »
Day 20: Used the scissors for some manicure work... thought I'd share everyone the pictures :rofl:
Leatherman Tools / Re: What did you use your Leatherman for today?
« Last post by Steelej1976 on Today at 03:21:31 PM »
I received a pallet of equipment and used my Leatherman Wave serrated blade to remove plastic wrap and wire cutters to remove the metal banding.  I also used the Wave as a door stop to hold a door open so I could move the pallet through it and lastly noticed some loose screws on the door and tightened them with the Phillips drivers.  I am constantly amazed at how much can be accomplished with this one tool.   :multi:
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