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Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: 111 mm Badge Request
« Last post by Barry Rowland on Today at 05:25:56 PM »
 :like: :tu:
The Break Room / Re: Badge For Posting on Every Forum Category
« Last post by Reinier on Today at 05:24:41 PM »
This badge would be virtually unobtainable for most users because of the very secret Area 42 board that almost nobody has access to...
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Winter Magic X Owners Club
« Last post by Mechanickal on Today at 05:24:41 PM »
What do you mean the Nespresso pioneers are gone? Did they stop making them?
Since this year, Nespresso decided to work with a bike manufacturer to build frames from the recycled capsules.

This means the 4th Nespresso knife "India" from 2019 was the last one.
Swiss Army Knights Forum / 111 mm Badge Request
« Last post by Tet on Today at 05:18:50 PM »
A rainy, miserable day here, so the knives have come out!
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Old Cross 30 Day Challenge
« Last post by Barry Rowland on Today at 05:15:56 PM »
Love that Omega Myron!
Leatherman Tools / Re: Rebar - Unbelievable discounts!
« Last post by SurgeUk on Today at 05:15:22 PM »

More  :facepalm:

I wonder how much of those are due to tax and how much is the profit margin by the local distributor.  Btw, I just went to Amazon US and saw Wingman and Sidekick are now both 60usd?  That's also pretty crazy...considering they were only 20-30(IIRC).

Amazon UK

£73 for a Sidekick ($95 USD)  :ahhh :ahhh :ahhh

I couldn't find a Wingman (on Amazon) but it was only a brief search  ;)

I've said it before and I'll say it again; count your blessings rest of the world  :pok:
The Break Room / Re: Rate the last movie you watched v2
« Last post by ReamerPunch on Today at 05:13:20 PM »
The Hunt (2020)

Fantastic. The action, the performances, the pacing, the jokes, I loved everything about it. One of the most enjoyable movies I've ever seen. :cheers:
Leatherman Tools / Re: LM Juice Challenge
« Last post by Echotech on Today at 05:09:02 PM »
Great pics and congrats on being halfway through !      :like: :tu:
Thanks Steve : cheers: :tu:

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Winter Magic X Owners Club
« Last post by Thunderpants on Today at 05:06:42 PM »
What do you mean the Nespresso pioneers are gone? Did they stop making them?
General Tool Discussion / Re: Poker Face Challenge
« Last post by Nix on Today at 05:05:44 PM »
A Rules Clarification:

This challenge is designed to be fun. The tool sets will change up to four times. And there is (with a good hand) the possibility of a wide latitude of carry options. The primary requirement is to post at least one photo of one of your permitted tools during the course of the day. There is no requirement to carry all tools at all times of day and night. If you can't legally carry a tool, Do NOT! Just post a photo of that tool (and tell us that you couldn't carry it for legal or pragmatic reasons).

The challenge isn't designed to see if you can survive for 30 days with just a SAK Rambler, a box of Jaffa cakes, and a Speedo. (That just one of Fuzzy's quirky hobbies.) We're using the game of Poker to have some fun, share some tools, have a laugh or two, and hopefully get through a cold dark month in northern latitudes.

To keep this challenge as open and accessible as possible, for purposes of the challenge a "Fixed blade" is any knife that does not fold, close, or retract. This can include outdoors knives, hobby knives, or kitchen knives. (comis and I love kitchen knives!) If it is a fixed blade knife that you own and use, it will count! You don't have to carry your craft knife or paring knife all day, you just have to post up a photo of it.....until you can get a better hand by drawing more cards or in the second round.

In this challenge, the suit of Spades indicates a "Fixed blade" knife. So, if your current hand is dominated by Spades, you could end up with a Fixed blade for that portion of the challenge. But this could be an Xacto knife you use for stamp collecting or a cleaver you use for chopping BBQ.

If you felt you couldn't join in this Winter-time challenge because you don't own a Bowie knife, don't sweat it: that kitchen knife you use to open the morning box of cereal counts.  :tu:

Remember, while there are Milk Duds and Gummy bears on the line here, it is just for fun. Be safe & be legal!   :tu:

-- The Dealers

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