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Leatherman Tools / Re: The Hacked Leatherman Owners Club.
« Last post by Craig_S on Today at 09:50:38 PM »
Thinking ahead....... I don't want to use my Crunch's blade at work and wear it out (let's pretend I'm not crazy enough to have an extra or two NIB Crunch's  :whistle: ). Is there another blade that's a drop in replacement? Doesn't have to be serrated.

Short of a drop in, what tools interchange with the Crunch's locking system?

Leatherman Tools / Re: MINI Tool Monday!
« Last post by Craig_S on Today at 09:35:26 PM »
Thanks Poncho.  :tu:  Pretty happy that I remembered MTM and set it out last night. Had my PST, Surge, MT, and Crunch at work today, and at one point had all 4 on me.  :rofl:

General Tool Discussion / Re: What tool did you carry today?
« Last post by customod on Today at 09:26:54 PM »
P2 with bit adapter mod. Almost perfect ;)
Tools Needed / Re: Needed, Victorinox Precision Compass 6 in 1 
« Last post by IMR4198 on Today at 09:07:23 PM »
   Nice to have a girl friend who appreciates Victorinox.  Best wishes. G
Leatherman Tools / Re: What is being carried today ?
« Last post by SteveC on Today at 09:03:14 PM »
* 20240226_135404.jpg (Filesize: 439.28 KB)

Thanks for following along, Poncho! :cheers:
:like: :iagree:
Edged Tools / Re: What Traditional Knife are you toting today?
« Last post by SteveC on Today at 08:59:15 PM »
Sweet pair buddy !   :like:
Leatherman Tools / Re: Last Minute February Leap Year Challenge with Leap
« Last post by VICMAN on Today at 08:41:23 PM »
So many great games and prizes for this challenge  :o

The chips do look tasty :drool: :like:


Thanks for following along, Poncho! :cheers:
Leatherman Tools / Re: Leatherman Bond Owners Club
« Last post by Magic Bus on Today at 08:30:22 PM »
Simple but gets the job done is the best type of combo 8) :like:
:iagree: :D Never a truer word!!
Gerber Tools / Re: MP Mondays!
« Last post by Juan el Boricua on Today at 08:26:22 PM »
My "wheelchair brakes adjustment kit" for MPM  :like:
* 20240226_151917.jpg (Filesize: 287.46 KB)


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