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Swiss Army Knights Forum / LE 2020 Aqua blue - available now
« Last post by Rizio Il Ghiro on Today at 11:47:48 AM »
Just ordered my LE 2020 Aqua blue pioneer from Vic - they're on the website in UK - therefore Europe too I assume. Order now if you want to bet the e-mail announcement and rush. :hatsoff:
Edged Tools / Re: What Traditional Knife are you toting today?
« Last post by sak60 on Today at 11:24:19 AM »
I've always got a SAK  of one kind or another on me, and rotate one traditional or another along with it in another pocket. This Buck 55 just keeps bumping the others out of my watch pocket all too often. Brass, walnut, stainless, super slicey, rides flat in the pocket until needed. Spotted it at a hardware store. Display model being sold off for half price. IMO worth every penny of the full price.

(Image removed from quote.)

(Image removed from quote.)
The 55 is a great little knife.  :tu:
Reviews / Re: Roxon Phantom - Roxon Phantasy - New for 2020!
« Last post by ReamerPunch on Today at 11:17:58 AM »
Well said, Cody! :cheers:
I'll get the serrated, tanto, talon, and box cutter. And the file. Lots of nice profiles. And the option to have one blade in the folder is also great. They'll make a nice set.
I am a big fan of Roxon tools, and I hope these live up to the quality of their other offerings.

The phantom webpage is still under construction, but from what I've seen so far, I am looking forward to it.

It looks like it'll disassemble easily, which will make it easy to maintain and swap blades. Probably not as easy as that CRKT folder, but still nice. And if you mess up a blade, you can just put another one in there.
Imagine Leatherman selling different blades for their tools. Box-cutters like Metro's skeletool, tantos, talons, plain edge for Signal and Wingman, or fully serrated.
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Spartan Saturday!
« Last post by Fast Bill on Today at 10:59:34 AM »
Much later than expected ... here's my Saturday Jelly Red. I find it a really vibrant and positive colour for the times we're in ... mind you the internet is a dangerous thing ... I still don't have a Walnut Spartan  :facepalm:
The Break Room / Re: Completely Random Smurf with Aleph
« Last post by Don Pablo on Today at 10:54:18 AM »
And that's supposed to make me feel better? :rofl:
The Break Room / Re: Completely Random Smurf with Aleph
« Last post by AlephZero on Today at 10:47:21 AM »
O'rangers still have a chance for the second place in the championship.  :cheers:
The Break Room / Re: Completely Random Smurf with Aleph
« Last post by Don Pablo on Today at 10:22:10 AM »
Green Ducks fall farther and farther behind. :rant:
Leatherman Tools / Re: Free T4 does not get enough love.
« Last post by Raoul Octav on Today at 08:52:53 AM »
The only beef i have with my T4 :
-price, bought mine for 70USD here in EU. For this amount i could have bought two Vics with many other tools to feel my needs
-size, it is too thick. i found myself using the P2 often than the T4, just because it is slimmer, and has the tools on the same side with the option to open the retainer from each lateral side, ease of use in one word
-lack of can opener
on the plus:
- that one hand opening is great, i ca imagine that in winter, with gloves, it's going to be edc.
- tools are locking, solid lock.
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Chuck Yeager Challenge
« Last post by Dutchie_27 on Today at 08:47:41 AM »

And still, dangling on my keys.
Lost it for a while last year. Put it in my checked in luggage. Thought I'd lost it and only found it the next time a took a flight and was checking pockets.
Still here, in use almost daily.

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General Tool Discussion / Re: Ice Cream Sunday!
« Last post by Sos24 on Today at 08:29:59 AM »
Cool carries, guys.

A couple hours late, but here was my ICS carry
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