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Leatherman Tools / Re: MAY 2024 MICRA 30 Day Challenge
« Last post by ReamerPunch on Today at 10:02:21 AM »
Day 20

I like the Micras with the extra shell. It covers the massive gap that the tweezers leave on regular Micras. And they look cool, too! :like:
Dealing with what you catch.

Congrats, you've pulled a fish onto land, now what.
For the most part I'll use an iki spike to kill the fish and bleed it by cutting the gills.
Good website here that shows where to on a fish.
Then it sits in a bucket of water while I keep fishing or it gets gutted, rinsed off and put into a cold water slurry.
When filleting I keep my knife hand clean and dry while the other hand deals with holding the fish.

All fish to be returned to the water should be handled with care and respect.
Remove the hook asap and gently release the fish.

Here we have a few species that can be annoying to deal with.
Eels can roll up in your rig and create a big tangle, cut the line and let them go.
Their slime can put other fish off taking a bait so I tend to change rigs after an eel.
Young sharks can be feisty and flexible, a firm grip behind the head helps control the biting end.
For stingrays roll them over using the leader or a rod stand, de hook and roll them back over.
Gently hold their spiracles (behind the eyes) or nostrils (underside) and pull them back into the water.
Sharks and stingrays seem to sense you're helping them out if you stay quiet and calm while working with them.

TLDR: be prepared to deal with more than just a pan fish.
Leatherman Tools / Re: Skeletool Sunday!
« Last post by Echotech on Today at 08:57:36 AM »
Thanks Poncho :cheers:
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Funny knock-off
« Last post by Brock O Lee on Today at 08:57:25 AM »
Leatherman Tools / Re: Crazy find at the swap-meet!
« Last post by Poncho65 on Today at 08:19:58 AM »
Awesome find :woohoo: :like: :like:
Leatherman Tools / Re: Skeletool Sunday!
« Last post by Poncho65 on Today at 08:19:12 AM »
 :woohoo: Awesome Skeletool Sunday pics, Echo and Steve :like: :like:
Leatherman Tools / Re: Leatherman Fuse Kydex belt sheath
« Last post by Poncho65 on Today at 08:18:12 AM »
No problem  :cheers: Glad I could help :woohoo: :like:
Leatherman Tools / Re: MAY 2024 MICRA 30 Day Challenge
« Last post by Sos24 on Today at 08:13:07 AM »
Day 19
Opened Fisher’s special weekend dinner
What and how to use.

I think Vidar just covered a good part of this one.
Just because everybody is doing something, doesn't mean they are doing it right.
That one person catching most of the fish will be doing something different than the others.

When I started spin fishing I copied what the others were doing so I didn't look out of place.
I quickly realized that winding slower got more hits.
Different lure colours got hits.
Fishing the bottom, mid or top water also resulted in hits.
Changing things up can help narrow down what the fish are after that day.

Sometimes fish just wont hit a hard lure but will smash a soft bait.
I don't like spending money on plastics however having a few in the bag gives you options.

TLDR: change things up, note what works, catch more fish.
Edged Tools / Re: Case Knives
« Last post by nate j on Today at 07:28:55 AM »
Is it just me or is it difficult to find what case knives are currently being made? Wheres the Casewiki? Their site can’t be it for carbon steel offerings right?

I am looking around for 47 pattern in carbon steel and starting to think it has not been made for a number of years now.  :facepalm: Also a mini trapper with the wharncliffe blade in carbon, doesn’t seem to exist except a few red american flag ones I found on ebay.
Case’s website is pretty worthless.

47s in CS are still being made, or at least were until recently, but maybe only as SFOs.  However, for some reason unknown to me, if you step up to the 75 pattern, you’ll find CS options in several different scale materials.

It has been my observation over the years that Case simply doesn’t (and as a practical matter, probably couldn’t) offer every variation of every pattern in every handle material in both CS and SS.  So, among those things (pattern, variation or sub-pattern, scale material, steel), one has to consider which are really priorities and which can be compromised on.

With regard to the mini trapper, wharncliffe blade, carbon steel, keep in mind that you’re looking for a very specific variation of a specific pattern, and in CS (which seems to be a decided minority of Case’s production these days).  If I were you and I wanted one, I would snag one of the red-scaled US flag shield versions (even if I didn’t love the handles) before they are gone.


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