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Leatherman Tools / Re: What is being carried today ?
« Last post by kottskrapa on Today at 07:11:07 PM »
Nice orange Wspeed!

[It's not failure if you learn something from it]

General Tool Discussion / Re: What do we have on the way?
« Last post by kottskrapa on Today at 07:10:25 PM »
I'm still waiting for my serrated Spartans and an extra Leatherman style ps.

Not only is it a long way from us to Sweden, I think we are only getting the mail every other day now

[It's not failure if you learn something from it]

Backwoods Cuisine / Re: The Gas Station MRE challenge
« Last post by Borg on Today at 07:09:27 PM »
And more good news this morning:

comis and Steve have created an award and badge for those who complete the challenge:

(Image removed from quote.)

Thanks guys!

 :like: Nice one  :tu:

I added another bit of kit to the arsenal, the cutest little kettle i have ever seen  :dd: so thats me sorted for water heating and cooking, i just need to think about something to eat now :think: i really hope chow day weather is better than todays as i plan to be out for most of it   :tu:

Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Spartan Saturday!
« Last post by MichaelGT83 on Today at 07:01:28 PM »
Black seems the favorite colour for the Spartan. I have one in black too  :like:

It's actually green, it's just a very dark photo!
General Tool Discussion / Re: Charter Membership
« Last post by Nix on Today at 06:59:29 PM »
Excellent!   :SAKnight:
Leatherman Tools / Re: Bond & Curl--possible leak?
« Last post by Gareth on Today at 06:53:41 PM »
Should have mine in about 2-3 days...will try and report back.

Looking forward to it!  If you can do some side-by-side shots with a Rebar that would be excellent.  :tu:
Multitools for Sale / Re: Vic Pioneer BNIB [SOLD]
« Last post by greenbear on Today at 06:53:17 PM »
Leatherman Tools / Re: * Supertool Saturday *
« Last post by Pudah on Today at 06:52:22 PM »
Thanks everyone. Hope you are all having a great ST Saturday!
Edged Tools / Re: The Folding Hunter (Not a Buck 110) challenge
« Last post by Borg on Today at 06:51:37 PM »
Indeed they are  :cheers:

Day 8, i was going to use a Mercator for a week but as mine has a corkscrew and can opener i felt i couldn't really call it a folding hunter, so enter the Rigid 73  :tu:

Leatherman Tools / Re: * Supertool Saturday *
« Last post by SteveC on Today at 06:51:19 PM »
Sweet pics fellas and welcome Pudah to STS !    :like: :cheers: :tu:
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