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Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Swiss Army Knights Banner
« Last post by Luke Walker on Today at 02:19:08 PM »
Hi guys,

I just learned about this cool banner since I put my phone in landscape orientation and actually saw it  :D

I definitely want to apply. I've shared my SAK story in my introductory post (,92504.0.html). Since I don't have one EDC SAK (which good Swiss Army Knight has only one btw?  :think: ) I'll share my EDC knives with you. Those are the ones in the upper drawer, plus some more that live in backpacks or kits:

* IMG_0787.jpg (Filesize: 312.04 KB)

And now I'll stand up straight and declare the following:  :salute:
I, Luke Walker, being of relatively sound mind and body, hereby entreat the powers that be to consider me for membership in good standing in the Swiss Army Knights and promise to place no knife before my trusty Swiss Army till rust do us part.
The Break Room / Re: Rate the last movie you watched v2
« Last post by charlie fox on Today at 02:14:09 PM »
Last night we watched Ghostbusters Frozen Empire...what a disappointment. The new cast did a good job, but the story just wasn't there. Ernie and Dan had good energy, but I felt Bill was just phoning his part in and wasn't really into it at all. After "Afterlife" (which was awesome) this one just lacked something that made me not care. And Peck as the mayor? What a reach.
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: What's your latest SAK?
« Last post by Luke Walker on Today at 01:47:37 PM »
My Companion helped me to open the mail today. I scored a new in box 1989 Wenger Soldier model. It's in absolute mint condition as well as the paper box it comes in. Never saw a box in this condition with a 30+ year old SAK.

I really should slow down my pace, but when I get the chance to get a good deal on a 61 Soldier model, I can't say no . This one was 50 EUR shipped which is a fantastic price for today in my opinion, especially for this condition. At least that's what I tell my wife   :D  Good thing with collecting the Alox Soldier is that no one notices when you get a new one  :angel:

* IMG_0782.jpg (Filesize: 213.23 KB)

* IMG_0783.jpg (Filesize: 286.43 KB)

* IMG_0785.jpg (Filesize: 337.66 KB)
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: SAKs & Coffee
« Last post by Luke Walker on Today at 01:39:05 PM »
Coffee with my Companion. This knife has quickly become my favorite in terms of utility for everyday use. Emotionally my favorite is the Alox Soldier model, but for my daily needs it's not the most practical one (has to be paired with a 58mm Signature).
* IMG_0771.jpg (Filesize: 231.05 KB)
Happy Birthday Fisher  🎉
The Shutter Shop / Re: Some nature shots
« Last post by SteveC on Today at 01:21:17 PM »
 :like: :tu:
Edged Tools / Re: Scout? Pattern Challenge in July
« Last post by SteveC on Today at 01:16:31 PM »
After reading the other thread, as to what qualifies as a Scout, would this Colonial Sportsman qualify as a scout even though it doesn't have the metal bolsters?

(Image removed from quote.)

The Outdoor and Survival Forum / Re: New Alone season
« Last post by powernoodle on Today at 12:39:50 PM »
Youtube TV doesn't offer the History Channel unfortunately.  But the season can be purchased on Amazon Prime for $20 - $25 for standard def or hi def.
General Tool Discussion / Re: Flashlight Challenge - June 2024
« Last post by ReamerPunch on Today at 12:10:57 PM »
Day 18
The Shutter Shop / Re: This used to be easier.
« Last post by Vidar on Today at 11:49:15 AM »
There is something very nice with a lot of Pentax lenses that is hard to replicate with any other camera system.

Yes, there are some lenses that just seem to have personality. Very hard to put the finger on though. People talk about bokeh, micro contrast, sharpness, rendering and what not - but all I know is that I have a few lenses that just seem to pop and some that just takes photos. Looking at the photos I personally like the most they have with few exceptions been taken using three particular lenses. (And other lenses have been used a lot too so it is not very unbalanced).


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