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Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: The Go BIG Challenge
« Last post by Fast Bill on Today at 08:38:00 AM »
The universal tool!  I really think I'm going to carry this knife through the Fall and Winter and see what all I can do with the scaler.  I know there's a way to use it as a range finder...

... and not just by prodding the tip of it up against the item in the distance eh? :pok:
Reviews / Re: Livarno, Romisen, C8, Small Sun cheap HID torches
« Last post by dks on Today at 08:35:43 AM »
Sofirn SP33 V3.0

a reasonably small/short light with good brightness. Around $30

Specifications from here:

※ Sofirn SP33 V3 uses CREE XHP50B 3V LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
※ Working Voltage: 3V-4.2V
※ Battery Options: One 26650 Li-ion battery
※ Dimension: 126.6mm (length)× 37.5mm (head diameter)
※ Weight: 144±1 gram (without batteries)
※ Flashlight body: Aerospace grade 6061 grade aluminum alloy hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish to get solid built body
※ Toughened mineral glass lens
※ The waterproof level: IPX8
※ Protect from improper battery installation
※ Mode Memory : Last mode remembered  (except Turbo and Strobe)
※ Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology: the brightness level will adjust automatically when the temperature goes up or down, there are 3 lines: 45℃, 55℃, 65℃, the higher the temperature is, the more the brightness will drop to prevent overheating. When the temperature is low enough, the brightness goes up again automatically.
※ Power Indicator: Each time the light is turned on, the battery level indicator will automatically display the battery status for 5 seconds.

I ordered it with a battery

Works well, reasonably slim and light (could be carried easily in a pocket)

The power button is not easy to feel and I usually pres the USB charging point cover instead, as it feels more like an on/off button

a comparison shot with the similarly sized BLF model is included.

I have used it as bit and it is fine. I may use it as a bike light.
General Tool Discussion / Re: What do we have on the way?
« Last post by glenfiddich1983 on Today at 08:31:06 AM »
For just $ 15.50 I had to take this, surprised bidding didn’t go higher!  :ahhh
Reviews / Re: Livarno, Romisen, C8, Small Sun cheap HID torches
« Last post by dks on Today at 08:26:10 AM »
A very cheap head lamp available from various shops. About $3
Two light sources for wide and narrow beam, ramping, about 300Lm claimed.

Magnetic end, USB charging with included 18650 battery (that can be replaced with some work with a branded one).

For the money you get a lot.

Plastic light, body, with the charging point being hidden under the control button flap.

Had it for over a month and it seems robust enough.

Comparison photograph with a more expensive headlamp included
General Tool Discussion / Re: SAK-alike Challenge!
« Last post by an0nemus on Today at 08:24:07 AM »
Day 28, found a loose screw that needed tightening

The Shutter Shop / Re: SAKs in public places (or other multitools)
« Last post by Top-Gear-24 on Today at 08:01:48 AM »
Hello Michael  :cheers:.

My apologies for the late reply  :-[.

Beautiful pictures my friend, thank you so much for sharing them here. 

I'm not a bird expert either, so my contribution to bird spotting would be limited to "that's a nice bird", "that's a big bird"... So pretty much useless  ;).

Those two stones in the last pics, any idea what they are?  The first one seems to have a broad arrow sign on top of it, and the bottom one looks like a border stone,  or military (border) stone to me.  But I would sure like to know more about them (I'm a bit of a history geek, so these things intrigue me).

Again, great pics and thanks for sharing them here my friend  :salute:.
General Tool Discussion / Re: What did you just get?
« Last post by Echotech on Today at 07:54:57 AM »
Worth the money and the wait  :tu:    :like:
I need to get me some of those.

 :iagree:  :tu: :cheers:
I wanted a SwissChamp but cannot abide that cheap looking magnifier, so I bought this one with the idea of adding the old mag/Phillips and pliers layers. It’s so nice as is though, so I think I’m putting that idea on the back burner.

The champ may have it all, but as far as I am concerned it's too much of a good thing.  It's okay to make do with less or carry two smaller SAK's instead of a ungainly thing that throws off your stride.  Just an opinion. 

Swiss Army Knights Forum / Re: Pics of your SAKs outside
« Last post by Chidling on Today at 07:38:02 AM »
Swiss Army Knights Forum / Delemont 30 Day Challenge - October
« Last post by Echotech on Today at 07:28:56 AM »
…what has changed between the Wenger and VIC versions though apart from the T&T on the scales is the position of the key ring and the file is a little different

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