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Title: 5.11 Push Pack or Maxpedition alternative
Post by: Outback in Idaho on May 26, 2016, 05:23:20 AM
    Been wanting to get a sling bag to double as a range bag, hiker bag, carrying books to church, and general use during the workweek to carry in the car. Sort of liked the 5.11 Push pack but those straps look short and flimsy. I'm a big guy, stuff I wear around or over me can take a beating when out in the woods.

    Duluth Packs has some nice sling bags too at a premium price, and canvas probably weighs more than ballistic nylon does - though canvas is also 100% cotton and won't stretch out or shrink.

    Seen a Madpedition pack at Walmart last week and thought for sure it was the 5.11 Push Pack, but it had the Maxpedition velcro patch there and the lady said that's who made it. She was using it for a range pack for kids, though people do conceal carry in these bags too.

    Had a sling pack at one time. It wore out after a few years. Now I don't have a pack anymore to carry a few hours worth of supplies or essentials, or for a short trekking bag.
    What do you suggest, and why do you feel that way, and post a photo too.

    I'm sort of testing the waters on this and y'all did great when I wanted my first authentic SAK. And packs are expensive, so want to get the most out of the price as possible - yet don't want to spend a lot of buck on a junk item either.
Title: Re: 5.11 Push Pack or Maxpedition alternative
Post by: Grant Lamontagne on May 26, 2016, 06:06:31 PM
I'm a big fan of the Maxpedition Sitka sling bag.  It's not overly large but it is more than adequate for most EDC items and some extra stuff you may want to bring along.,66236.msg1267743.html#msg1267743

I managed to get two water bottles, a couple of sandwiches and a large beach towel in it with no problems.