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SAK Fob 1112

Hero Member Posts: 653
« on: April 03, 2009, 03:56:21 AM »
I woke up this morning, and somehow remembered this American Eagle Outfitters necklace that I used to wear, which was now just laying around in a drawer. Remembering the shape, it was a perfect fit for a Swiss Army Knife fob. So I removed the basic paracord fob, added the necklace charm, and now I have this.  :D Very fitting, don't you think?

No Life Club Posts: 3,592 Supreme Planetary Overlord trainee
Re: SAK Fob
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2009, 04:19:33 AM »
Couldn't be any more appropriate :tu:

Ambidangerous Mistress of Mod Admin Team Zombie Apprentice Posts: 15,038 I'm not all bad, I'm just drawn that way.
Re: SAK Fob
« Reply #2 on: April 03, 2009, 04:26:07 AM »
Looks very good, loving those scales too  :tu:

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Hero Member Posts: 919 Just arrived
Re: SAK Fob
« Reply #3 on: April 03, 2009, 09:04:54 AM »
Want one too.
of both :)
Global Tuffy Absolute Zombie Club Posts: 28,078 Just Awesome! And a Slayer of Polar Bear!
Re: SAK Fob
« Reply #4 on: April 03, 2009, 07:15:57 PM »
Goes very well.  :tu:

I'm back!!
No Life Club Posts: 4,594 no nacimos con miedo...
Re: SAK Fob
« Reply #5 on: April 03, 2009, 07:17:54 PM »
nice 8)

Chief of the Absolutely No Life Club! Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here... Posts: 42,975 Why haven't you got a Farmer yet!
Re: SAK Fob
« Reply #6 on: April 03, 2009, 07:21:49 PM »
Hand in glove mate :tu:

Give in, buy several Farmer's!!!!!! Main Site Manager Zombie Apprentice Posts: 15,287
Re: SAK Fob
« Reply #7 on: April 04, 2009, 02:26:24 PM »
Hand in glove mate :tu:

Yep, very fitting  :tu:


I'm not taking any more mod orders at present, sorry.
Sr. Member Posts: 276
Re: SAK Fob
« Reply #8 on: April 04, 2009, 09:27:34 PM »
Hey I have that necklace somewhere too! I bought it a few years ago- may actually be more like 4 now. Funny, the first thing I thought when I looked at the pic was "That reminds me of that old AE necklace I had, I wonder where that went?"




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