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Mark the spine of an indivual blade for quick identification

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I used a red Sharpie (felt tip marker) to mark the spine of the main knife blade in a multitool so I can find it more quickly.  Does anyone else do the same?

A more permanent solution would be to use a triangle file or a Dremel rotary tool cutting disk to make a few notches in spine.
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Re: Mark the spine of an indivual blade for quick identification
Reply #1 on: October 02, 2006, 02:31:28 AM
I have really appreciated the new Leathermans where they mill a thumb ramp into the serrated OH blades.  I usually don't have an issue locating the specific tools on a multi other than that, but that';s probably from years of experience with SAKs.  Often times if I loan a SAK to someone the first question they ask is which one is the screwdriver/blade/saw or whatever they are looking for, so I am certain lots of people out there could benefit from a color code.  Maybe red for sharps, green for benign tools like magnifiers, blue for can/bottle openers?
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