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Super-thin Keychain Bottle Opener

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Re: Super-thin Keychain Bottle Opener
Reply #60 on: June 22, 2010, 04:51:30 PM
I have one of these love it! If you're from the UK get it straight from the maker, must be the cheapest version, although on search I did notice Iwantoneofthose stock it too ...

I got mine at < link removed >

Don't have any problems with it coming off of the key but I do keep mine in my handbag all the time mostly find it a tight fit though and I have too bought one for my whole family,
we're all space saving geeks :)
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Re: Super-thin Keychain Bottle Opener
Reply #61 on: January 09, 2023, 11:19:56 AM
today i am looking at keychain bottle openers (cap lifters). AliX has a nice selection, some are reposted on amazon (but also shipped from the chinas). this model is only 2€ on AX [item# 32965327252] and possibly a candidate (it wouldn't work too well on my weird keys i guess).

are yours still in use after all deez nuts, or have you found something more likable for the keychain,
maybe item# 4001283587573:

Or item# 1005004679468987:

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