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Free LM Style CS "mod", (3 of 3): Straight pin storage

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Free LM Style CS "mod", (3 of 3): Straight pin storage
on: February 16, 2011, 06:31:35 AM
Well if you've already seen my first two free "mods" to the LM Style CS, using the two kinds of bits, you probably already noticed the visible pin near the knife blade, which I leave permanently in place. Free mod #3 is very similar to a previous "mod" I showed for the LM Squirt PS4,,23343.msg429343.html#msg429343

some time back, (later verified to also work with the LM Squirt ES4, thanks to vladimir), namely an undocumented, standard straight pin storage location I discovered, under the file. Just like the previous "mod" for the PS4/ES4, this holds on to the pin, nice and snug, so it wont fall out even if you shake it, yet only needs a finger nail to extract it quickly and easily. This time however the correct orientation is not parallel to the main body axis, so as to keep the pin tucked out of the way under the knife, rather than take up the knife's storage area and impede its motion. You'll find that storing it straight down, parallel to the main body axis initially seems to work just fine, however the first time you open and then re-close the knife it will push the pin to this angled position anyways, so why not just start this way so it doesn't touch the knife?

The pin also can be rather handy in helping to remove the Style CS's tweezers, which can be a bit finicky to remove, even with finger nails, as I show in this Youtube video:

Enjoy the free mods everyone!
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Re: Free LM Style CS "mod", (3 of 3): Straight pin storage
Reply #1 on: November 16, 2015, 04:01:52 AM
Necro Thread time. This is pretty cool. Has anyone else tried it since this has been posted?
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Re: Free LM Style CS "mod", (3 of 3): Straight pin storage
Reply #2 on: November 16, 2015, 06:31:15 PM
I found this sort of kludge way to do this, so I made this thread, but as someone else pointed out Leatherman should really make this a proper fit on their future mini tools.

If anyone here is having trouble finding a good sized pin to snuggly fit in the Leatherman Squirt PS4's secret pin storage hole I found, I have come to learn that the fairly standard one called 1.25", Singer brand, pin size #20 fits like a champ! :tu:

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