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REVIEW: Witmen Multitool Pouch 6808

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REVIEW: Witmen Multitool Pouch
« on: June 19, 2010, 04:36:36 PM »
Fellow MT.O member Randy (aka “Witmen”) was kind enough to send me his newest multitool pouch to review.  I’ve been EDC-ing this pouch for a few months now and I am very impressed by the quality.  A sheath maker for the past 8 years, Randy wanted to design a pouch for his SOG Powerlock that was not only durable and comfortable to wear, but offers more storage space than other multitool pouches without compromising size.  After working on several designs, Randy chose this design as his flagship model:

Witmen Pouch (boxed style)

Here’s my review of the Witmen Pouch:

Witmen pouch shown with SOG Powerlock and Smith’s Pocket Pal sharpener

Product Specifications:
- Made with 100% Mil-spec polypropylene webbing
- Designed for SOG Powerlock/PowerAssist, Leatherman Charge/Wave (and similar sized multitools)
- Concealed side pocket with nylon pull tab
- Available colours: Black, Tan, OD Green and Brown
- Optional 8-piece ¼” Hex socket bit kit available
- Available pouch designs: Boxed (shown in review), Envelope and Curved
- Price: $20 USD (Shipping and warranty included)

Side view

Back view

Integrated side pocket

The first thing you’ll notice about this pouch is the integrated side pocket.  Visually concealed from the outside, this pocket is large enough to fit a small folding knife, flashlight, sharpening stone, pens or even a keychain tool.  While it may sound like this side pocket is bulky, it’s far from it.  Randy did a great job maximizing the amount of storage space in this pouch without compromising size or comfort and the pouch can still be easily worn on your belt in either the vertical or horizontal position.

Ample storage space (Shown here: Latshaw Pocket Wrench, Leatherman Charge bit kit, Smith’s Pocket Pal & Gerber Splice)

To make this side pocket even handier, Randy added a pull tab that allows you to easily remove the item in that pocket.  By simply pulling on the nylon tab, the item is automatically extracted and easily retrievable.  It’s a very neat and effective feature; especially if you EDC smaller, hard to remove items in that pocket.

Randy also included an 8-piece bit kit with his pouch for this review.  Compatible with any socket wrench or socket screwdriver, this bit kit includes a ¼” Hex socket adaptor, seven screwdriver bits and a neat little holder which holds each bit securely.  Though the kit only includes Torx bits (T10-T40), the user can swap them out with their own bits.  For EDC, I added Robertson, Phillips and Slotted screwdriver bits.  This kit is extremely handy if your SOG multitool does not have any dedicated screwdriver components or you need to carry a more diverse bit set.

Optional socket kit

Socket kit in pouch with SOG Powerlock (top view)

In use with SOG Powerlock

Despite the addition of the integrated side pocket, the overall size of the pouch does not increase by much and the pouch is about the same size as SOG’s molle pouch.  In terms of material and build quality, the mil-spec nylon webbing is tremendously durable and the stitchwork is excellent.  Unlike some branded multitool pouches, the nylon webbing on this pouch is thick, rigid and strong.  I’ve had this pouch attached to the shoulder strap of my backpack and it’s seen quite a bit of heavy use (and abuse) these past few months.  Looking at the pictures (which were taken recently), the pouch still looks brand new.   

Size comparison: SOG Molle, Witmen, SOG traditional (Large), Leatherman Charge

Although Randy initially designed this pouch to fit the SOG Powerlock, I found that it fit a Leatherman Charge/Wave (and other similar-sized multitools) quite nicely and the side pocket even fits two Leatherman bit kits perfectly. 

Unfortunately, the only downside to this pouch is that it only uses belt loops so belt clip fans are out of luck.  Randy has said however, that if there is a demand for a belt clip version, he would consider producing one.  Randy has also said that he is open to ideas and is willing to work with the customer and design a pouch more suited for their specific needs.  In addition to multitool pouches, Randy also makes pouches for OC spray and collapsible batons. 

Price-wise, the Witmen pouch sells for $20 USD while the optional bit kit sells for $5.  While $20 may sound high, this includes shipping anywhere in US and Canada plus Randy’s 100% lifetime warranty.  Randy will repair or replace your pouch should it ever be damaged or fail on you.  The pouches are also available in different colours but there will be a slight price increase due to material costs.  Randy also has envelope and curved-style pouches available.  Each pouch is individually handmade by Randy himself so the quality control is impeccable.
Overall, Randy did a fantastic job with this pouch.  As a SOG Powerlock user, sometimes it’s necessary for me to carry hex bits for the ¼” socket adaptor and the integrated side pocket is just perfect for that.  The build quality is outstanding and the additional side pocket allows me to EDC other necessary items without adding more pouches to my belt.

-   Made from thick Mil-spec nylon webbing
-   Comfortable to wear in either vertical or horizontal carry
-   Customizable
-   Integrated side pocket
-   Each individually handmade by Witmen (Randy) himself
-   100% Lifetime warranty

-   Belt loop only (belt clip version not available yet)

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Re: REVIEW: Witmen Multitool Pouch
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2010, 05:13:27 PM »
Great review Pyro. Will there be a MOLLE version, and is there a site for order placement and pics of other colors? :cheers:
Jr. Member Posts: 89
Re: REVIEW: Witmen Multitool Pouch
« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2010, 05:32:20 PM »

Thanks for the great review.  I'm glad you were happy with the pouch.  I truly envy your photography skills. I can't capture a decent image to save my life.  lol

Great review Pyro. Will there be a MOLLE version, and is there a site for order placement and pics of other colors? :cheers:

The pouches come ready to accept a Male MOLLE attachment point, Like if you have a vest or pack back it will strap right down to it if it has the male end attached to the vest.  I made it that way so you could still carry them vertical or horizontal on your belt and not get to much bulk added to the pouch.  But it isn't a problem to add the mounting strap to the pouch. Not sure on if it would raise the price any right now though.  I'd have to add some materials to it.  About colors,  I honestly haven't made any in different colors yet because so far everyone has wanted black.

Also no website.  I do this kinda work as mostly a hobby.  I definitely don't make a living off of it but I enjoy making stuff and having others use my stuff.  I may see about getting one in the future though.  For now though if you'd like one just send me a PM.  If it's ok with that is.  
« Last Edit: June 19, 2010, 05:35:53 PM by Witmen »
Head Turd Polisher Administrator Just Bananas Posts: 61,464 Optimum instrumentum est inter aures
Re: REVIEW: Witmen Multitool Pouch
« Reply #3 on: June 25, 2010, 10:12:48 PM »
It's fine with me!

Beautiful work there- I wouldn't mind trying one out myself!


Leave the dents as they are- let your belongings show their scars as proudly as you do yours.
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Re: REVIEW: Witmen Multitool Pouch
« Reply #4 on: June 25, 2010, 10:50:34 PM »
That is impressive work :tu:

Give in, buy several Farmer's!!!!!!
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Re: REVIEW: Witmen Multitool Pouch
« Reply #5 on: June 26, 2010, 04:38:01 PM »
Very nice work , are you open to custom orders ?

Absolutely No Life Club Posts: 9,733 You're amongst friends.
Re: REVIEW: Witmen Multitool Pouch
« Reply #6 on: June 27, 2010, 01:26:29 AM »
I'm happy with the sheath I'm currently using for my ST300 but if this will fit it I may give it a try. Looks very useful.

Hero Member Posts: 633 I'm actually Canadian
Re: REVIEW: Witmen Multitool Pouch
« Reply #7 on: June 27, 2010, 02:08:26 AM »
Very nice work , are you open to custom orders ?


This! If you are, PM me!
New User Posts: 1
Re: REVIEW: Witmen Multitool Pouch
« Reply #8 on: December 15, 2010, 01:01:04 PM »

Thanks for the great review.  I'm glad you were happy with the pouch.  I truly envy your photography skills. I can't capture a decent image to save my life.  lol


PM sent on Pouch. 

As for capturing a good close up image - try clicking on the Macro setting on a digital camera (little flower) - great closeups become much easier  ;)



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