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Dual Survival Season 2: Cody Lundins New Neck Knife 5799

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Dual Survival Season 2: Cody Lundins New Neck Knife
« on: June 11, 2011, 04:24:22 PM »
For those who are fans of the show like myself, did anyone notice that the "bush hippie" Cody Lundin who always carried a Mora # 2 in either the standard or recently, a leather sheath around his neck was carrying something completely different in the latest episode, "Eating dust" that premiered last evening?

Although there isn't much to go by, it definitely looked like some sort of a Scandi from the brief closeups of the blades profile while in use, and the handle kind of reminded me of either a Mora scout, or possibly the knife may have been even a Marttiini Lynx but the sheath is what really perplexed me. 

It seemed to have metal reenforcment strips along the top and bottom of the sheath which I've never seen before on anything Scandi.. I first thought it was possibly a custom setup but that I believe wouldn't keep with Cody Lundins primitivist/minimalist + nothing fancy/bare essentials philosophy. 

So what is it I dunno.. What I have been able to track down by chance was an image of what was referred to as a puukko online (which I don't think is) that illustrates the sheath I'm attempting to describe plus the only image of Cody wearing this mysterious new neck knife.. It's not a biggie, but I love a good knife mystery..

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