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Why don't manufacturers show the bevel angle of their knives?

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Maybe I'm showing my greenhorns a little here with this question but I feel it's a valid one. Why don't manufacturers indicate the bevel angle of their knives? It seems to me this would be just as important as knowing the length of the blade or handle material(s). What do you think?

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Re: Why don't manufacturers show the bevel angle of their knives?
Reply #1 on: January 16, 2008, 04:02:55 AM
Most folks really don't care, and one thing I learned from the Lansky system (and basic geometry) is that the angle changes depending on where you measure it from.  If you are looking at the Lansky system, then the angle is only good if you attach the clamp in exactly the same spot as you always did, and in the same place as the knife would have been sharpened at the factory.

Also, as you use and sharpen the knife over any length of time, the angle will change as the blade gets thinner.  All in all I think it's relatively insignificant and too variable to really have a reference for it.  In addition, many production knives are hand sharpened and so each edge will vary slightly depending on who is grinding it.

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