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2020 SHOT Show 741

No Life Club Posts: 1,079
2020 SHOT Show
« on: January 03, 2020, 01:24:03 AM »
January 21 - 24.
Got anyone going this year?

- Steve
Global Moderator He Who Has The Most Nuts, Wins! Posts: 58,844
Re: 2020 SHOT Show
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2020, 12:12:17 PM »
I think we have someone representing MTO this year that is going :whistle: Details later :woohoo: :D
No Life Club Posts: 3,076
Re: 2020 SHOT Show
« Reply #2 on: January 04, 2020, 03:37:11 AM »

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Zombie Apprentice Posts: 11,673
Re: 2020 SHOT Show
« Reply #3 on: January 04, 2020, 07:07:12 PM »
well that is great news. although Blade and Shot have given me fewer and fewer new designs to look forward to every year

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No Life Club Posts: 3,816
Re: 2020 SHOT Show
« Reply #4 on: January 15, 2020, 01:13:05 PM »
Looks like Benchmade has some great new goodies  8)
Marketing Maven Administrator No Life Club Posts: 1,207 Does your head look like a watermelon?
Re: 2020 SHOT Show
« Reply #5 on: January 28, 2020, 01:09:42 AM »
Haha. Only seeing this now.
MTO covered it! Lots of threads throughout the forum.

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No Life Club Posts: 3,816
Re: 2020 SHOT Show
« Reply #6 on: January 29, 2020, 07:55:44 AM »
I might be jaded, the market might be saturated, who knows  :facepalm:

After watching a lot of videos, browsing all the threads, I came to the following conclusions:

1. REX 45 was the only thing that stirred a deep need inside me  :drool:

2. Benchmade made the Bugout & co more desirable.

3. TOPS & Buck failed to stir any deep needs, and they've traditionally been very good at stirring  :oops: :facepalm:

All the rest of the ball bearing framelock flippers are so boring  :facepalm:



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