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Need "Professional" help 1282

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Need "Professional" help
« on: September 23, 2012, 05:51:11 AM »
I recently bought a brass lined Pioneer. It is in excellent shape. I am not a collector per se. I horde knives but all get carried and used. I am also like the rest of us here. I am never happy with stock. That being said I don't have the time or skill of the great modders here. So I need help. I have an Urban Pioneer from Sph007. I love it. I would like a pin mod for this one so the brass matches. Looking for three or four layers. I would like to have the cap lifter, awl, and main blade stay after that not sure. I have been collecting pictures and reading the posts. I am interested in the electricians blade, scissors, saw, and in line Phillips. Not opposed to the can opener either. I use it on lots of different things. So let the opinions begin. Please post pics, layer preferences whatever. I have learned to value all of your comments. They usually start a new project in my head.  :)
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Re: Need "Professional" help
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2012, 09:06:20 AM »
Wait a second, you got an Urban Pioneer that you would like to get brass pinned? :twak:
Just get longer pivots from Syph that will allow one more layer and some brass screws.

My Pioneer project is stuck atm as I'm still looking for a cheap knife to get a Phillips driver. The Spartan Lite I found on eBay just went for over 30€. :think: I think I must get a new Explorer off Amazon, as the only ones that pop up on Ebay are the old kind with the longer driver. :-\

I also got a Pioneer Harvester coming (mod for a buddy) from which I'll collect the pruning blade and replace it with the can opener from my Pioneer. I'll bend this one and rest it in my Pioneer's blade layer. So in the end:

Super Pioneer (mine)
Large Blade / Pruning Blade
Scissors (Solo spring)
Caplifter / Inline Phillips (this layer runs on a non-Solo spring from a third donor)

Harvester -> Pioneer
Large Blade / Awl
Caplifter / Can Opener

I got more stuff I could work with but I'm lacking liners and pivots. :-X

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Re: Need "Professional" help
« Reply #2 on: September 23, 2012, 10:22:38 AM »
No don't want to change my Urban. It's the one Sph007 did with the pocket clip in his thread. I got a red alox with silver cross no shield and brass liners on its way. I really like the mod tattoosteve awhile back with the brass hook so I thought i would get a red one to mod. I just have a hard time picking what tools that I want. I have seen mods and factory knives with the can opener replaced with blades. I was thinking a farmer with scissors and either changing the awl or can opener with an electricians blade. Or maybe the can opener with a phillips. I know that I can build more knives I just want this one to be perfect. That's why I am looking for opinions. Is the 4 layer too much? I know its just slightly thicker than a 3 layer cellidor. I EDC'd a Huntsman for awhile, but have carried a 3 layer for 20 years. I have just recently got into Alox. Is the awl the "end awl be awl," or would the blade be more useful. I know its subjective. Just looking for ideas.
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Re: Need "Professional" help
« Reply #3 on: September 23, 2012, 01:00:29 PM »
I like the feel of a 3 layer Alox the most. It's not too thick but it's a nice grip when holding the knife.
What I don't recommend is a saw on Alox models, because it's sticking out too much. You can feel it when using the blade. I don't like that. Same with the keyring attachment. It's sharp edged and always in the way (especially when playing around with it while watching TV :D).

I got an Electrician to try out the small blade. It's not really sharp on the straight part (I'm sure this is intended, because the blade on mine was basically new). The round cut out however packs a nice sharp edge. As I said I got a Harvester with a pruning blade on the way. I think I'll like this one a lot more.

The question about the awl is really hard to answer. I'm not sure myself if I should replace it. I'll just do it and compare. That's the beauty about pivot assembly. Mix and match! :D

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