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Loggerhead ImmiX-10 multitool

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Loggerhead ImmiX-10 multitool
on: March 17, 2008, 05:05:15 PM
I used to carry a well known name brand multi-tool until I found a couple superior options ( based on 30+ years as a fire fighter, police officer and bomb disposal ( EOD ) technician ). The two best multitools i have found suited for emergency service in my opinion are the SOG Powerlock S60 Made in the USA and the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife SwissTool RS made in Switzerland, both with lifetime warranties. 

Sooner or later all good things must come to an end and us old guys get put out to pasture to allow the young blood(s) in an organization rise to the top. Semi retired now I find my self more in the teaching mode of the nuts + bolts of how things work rather than being  on the front lines leading the charge.  Consequently with more free time to work around the house, truck and and other boy "toys" I took a serious look at the two multitools I had carried over the years and evaluated them against getting something more fitting for my current needs, something that would be used everyday, lighter weight and not have all the life saving tools featured on my previous EDC ( Every Day Carry ) multitools I had been carrying on the job.  It should be noted there is a SOG S60 in the console of my Avalanche and a  "RS"  in my wife’s Honda Pilot glove-box just in case !

Looking at a number of choices among multitools now being offered  - and there are a lot to look at ( Made in USA and a lifetime warranty - were primary selection factors along with the tools functionality ) my choice for a new EDC multitool was the ImmiX-10  manufactured by Loggerhead  Tools in Chicago, IL,  ( ). I had seen some of the Loggerhead tools on the TV show "COOL TOOLS"  on the DIY Network, and the selection of tools offered seemed to fit my current semi-retired requirements. Loggerhead manufacturers a number of quality multitools and one really needs to take a close hard look at their personal requirements before making their selection(s) on a new multitool(s).  My opinion based on functionality, quality, price and reputation the tools manufactured in the USA by Loggerhead need to be on everyones short list when looking at a multitool you will use on a daily basis.

My choice from the Loggerhead lineup was an ImmiX -10  with a corrosion resistant electrolysis nickel plated body. The tool has a number of functions that I deemed necessary in a multitool to fit my current requirements. #1 was the two high-carbon, stainless-steel, retractable knife blades - one with a plain edge and the other with a serrated edge with both measuring 2.5".  The 6 inch Bionic Wrench™ design covers 14 metric and standard wrench sizes, 1/4 inch to 9/16 inch and 7 mm to 14 mm, combining the versatility of an adjustable wrench with the simplicity of pliers, a real improvement for me over the needle nose / bull nose pliers offered in other multitools - and the complicated imported adjustable wrenches now making their way to the USA. The two handles on the ImmiX-10 lock to form a powerful, ergonomic, magnetic bit driver  with a torque enhancing “pistol grip” which enables you to comfortably and confidently apply the right amount of pressure to task at hand. The ImmiX-10  stores  the included 10 of the most popular types and sizes of screwdriver heads (slotted, Phillips, Torx, and Robertson) inside one of the handles. The ImmiX-20 offers 20 bits stored in the handles but you forfeit the two knife blades. This multitool is what I consider a full size tool ( NOT a useless mini - multitool), with plenty of room to grip the handles and make the tool do it’s thing, I’m a big guy with big paws and no way can I overpower this tool to the point something is going to bend, break or snap under normal use.  The ImmiX-10 comes with a QUALITY ( made in the USA ) durable synthetic carrying case with a heavily stitched leather belt loop for vertical carry. There is enough room in the Immix-10 case for me to also carry my small capped Fisher Space pen AND a 4 inch steel prybar - so they are very handy and convenient when needed. The ImmiX-10 is also lighter to carry on your belt than the previous models mentioned ( S60 + RS ).

It did not take long for me to find projects for this workhorse to get going - the 10 rusted anchor bolts on my screenroom were the first place that the tool attacked and it performed without a problem. Looking for other things to do - a quick adjustment to my grandsons bicycle handle bars was accomplished along with making sure the wheel / axle nuts were snug and the seat was properly adjusted. Installing two replacement light fixtures in the garage made good use of the integral magnetic bit holder for tightening screws and serrated knife blade for stripping wires. Next was cutting off some vines that had wrapped around the tines on my rototiller  and tightening a loose screw holding the air filter in place. The ImmiX-10 is just a fun , useful, powerful multitool to carry on your belt.

The ImmiX-10 is available on line from ,  and others.

Andrew J. Gnoza, III
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Re: Loggerhead ImmiX-10 multitool
Reply #1 on: March 17, 2008, 10:14:50 PM
Fine review there mate :), I don't see one in my future, but the worlds a better place for having it, in it :)
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Re: Loggerhead ImmiX-10 multitool
Reply #2 on: March 18, 2008, 01:09:14 AM
It's good that you've found so many places to use yours Andrew! Mine gets used on the bicycles, that's about it.

Any idea when they came out with the nickel plate finish? (the originals like mine were black oxide)
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