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Leatherman Charge TTi - REVIEW

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Leatherman Charge TTi - REVIEW
on: February 15, 2013, 01:58:33 AM

    Leatherman Charge TTi Specifications:
    Length: 4 in. / 10.2 cm closed
    Weight: 8.2 ounces / 232 grams
    Materials: Titanium, Stainless Steel, Bronze Bushings, S30V® Stainless Steel
    Phillips and flat tip eyeglasses screwdriver
    Screwdriver 1/8" and Torx #15
    Phillips #1 and #2
    Hex 3/32" and 5/64"
    Hex 5/32" and 9/64"
    Hex 1/16" and .050
    Hex 1/8" and 7/64"
    Robertson #2 and #3
    Removable Pocket Clip
    Quick-release Lanyard Ring
    Today I am reviewing the Leatherman Charge TTi multi-tool. I was in the market for a second multi-tool for the purpose of keeping one in my Jeep full-time and one in the house. After just servicing my Leatherman Wave I decided to keep that one in my Jeep and pick up one of these Charges for here in the house. Out of the box you get the feel of the legendary Leatherman quality feel. Inside the box was the MT, a few different bits, a nice pocket clip, a sheath for attaching to a belt and a information booklet.

    • Large Screwdriver
    • Small Bit Driver
    • Scissors
    • Bottle/Can Opener - Wire Stripper
    • Large Bit Driver
    • Saw
    • 420HC Serrated Knife - Cutting Hook
    • S30V® Stainless Steel Clip Point Knife
    • Wood/Metal file - Diamond-coated file
    • Needlenose Pliers
    • Wire Crimper
    • Regular Pliers
    • Wire Cutters - Hard-wire Cutters
    Included Bits: Phillips and Flat Tip Eyeglasses Screwdriver Bit, Hex 5/32? and 9/64? Bit, Hex 1/8? and 7/64? Bit, Hex 3/32? and 5/64? Bit, Hex 1/16? and .050 Bit, Square Drive #2 and #3 Bit, Screwdriver 1/8? and Torx #15 Bit, Phillips #1-2 and 3/16? Screwdriver Bit.

    The big difference between the Leatherman Charge TTi and the other charge and others in the family  is the steel quality used. All the blades are made using high quality steel. The main blade is crafted using S30V which is a durable, extremely sharp out of the box blade. Not to mention it will retain that sharp edge for some time to come. The handles are constructed using Titanium. As for weight, it comes in at about 8.2oz which is right around what my Leatherman Wave weights at. This is no pocket multi tool. For comfort you'll likely be strapping this on your belt for ease of carry. For me that's no big deal, I have the *Link Removed* Leatherman Squirt PS4 that I carry on my person. As for physical size, it's about the same physical size as the Leatherman Wave:

    I've been using this multi-tool around the house now for a little over a week. Just like my other Leathermans, this thing works great! Just last night I found myself using all these features to fix the back door on my house: the pliers, large bit driver, file, and the large flat screw driver for light prying. No running to the garage every two minutes for a different tool!


    Another neat thing I like about the Leatherman Charge TTi that has also been incorporated into the Wave is the ruler. It measures out 8" inches or 19cm. This comes handy when I am measuring rope, para-cord and all sorts of other things.

    A better look at the multi-use jaws. Whether you're working in a tight area or in my case, you have a few rusty bolts on a door to break loose. The needle nose and regular pliers will work like a charm. The wire cutters and crimper also work great for doing speaker wire and other appropriately sized gauge wire.

    Here you can see one side of the handle has scissors, small bit driver and a flat head screw driver or light/medium duty prying bar. The scissors work great. I used them quite a bit and the flat head driver/pry bar did an excellent job prying out a rusted screw from the door last night.

    On the opposite side of the scissors you have the saw and serrated blade with safety cutter. The serrated blade is made using a 420HC steel. The serrated blade and safety cutter are great for cutting rope, belts, seat belts etc.. I used the saw on some PVC piping and it did a very exceptional job.

    On the other handle you have Bottle opener and the large bit driver. Leatherman also includes with this MT a few different bits as you can see neatly placed in the plastic holder.

    On the opposite side of the bottle/can opener you have the S30V plain edge blade and the wood/metal file and on the other side is a diamond-coated file. Like I mentioned earlier, out of the box the knife is extremely sharp for being a multi-tool knife. And being S30V it will retain a good service edge for quite a bit longer than the lesser quality blade steels used in other multi-tools.

    My final conclusion on the Leatherman Charge TTi: Overall I am thoroughly impressed with this Multi-tool. It's ease of use and function is top notch Leatherman quality. It's price is a little more than most but you really can't compare when you look at the quality of materials being used. I really look forward to putting it through some heavy abuse just like my Wave and my *Link Removed* Squirt PS4. If your budget allows definitely try out the Charge TTi! If your budget just isn't that high, definitely try the Leatherman Wave. That's my second favorite full-size multi-tool right now.
    *Link Removed*
    - Scott
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    Re: Leatherman Charge TTi - REVIEW
    Reply #1 on: February 15, 2013, 03:23:20 PM
    Nice review of a much loved and respected tool :tu:
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    Re: Leatherman Charge TTi - REVIEW
    Reply #2 on: February 19, 2013, 08:56:26 PM
    Nice review :salute:  The Charge rates up there as one of my favorite full size multitools.  I have the TTi and AL (carrying the TTi right now) and they are two of the best multitools I own.  My other faves are the Rebar and the Swisstool Spirit.  I do also own a Wave (I know, overkill on the Wave family design ::)) that I have in my car. 

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    Re: Leatherman Charge TTi - REVIEW
    Reply #3 on: February 19, 2013, 09:03:21 PM
    Great review mate,I've got a older ti and love it as I started with a wave  and find them very handy mt's  :tu:

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    Re: Leatherman Charge TTi - REVIEW
    Reply #4 on: February 19, 2013, 09:22:48 PM
    Good review!

    IMO, the Charge is the top of the top for multitools.  Extremely handy, easy (often one handed) access and tough as all get out. :)

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    Re: Leatherman Charge TTi - REVIEW
    Reply #5 on: February 19, 2013, 09:26:41 PM
    Great review, how are the ergonomics on the outside? A big improvement over the wave?

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    Re: Leatherman Charge TTi - REVIEW
    Reply #6 on: February 23, 2013, 12:50:09 AM
    Great review, how are the ergonomics on the outside? A big improvement over the wave?

     I think its close but you can tell the charge apart from the wave.



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