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Review of the Leatherman Juice CS4 3415

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Review of the Leatherman Juice CS4
« on: July 06, 2013, 09:56:15 PM »
Leatherman Juice CS4

Can you really put a whole tool box in your pocket?  That's the promise of the Leatherman Juice line.

I've owned an S2 for years, and although it made it into my daily rotation, I was always irritated by having to open the can opener to use the scissors.  That drew my attention to the slightly larger CS4.

Outside opening tools:
- Knife
- Scissors
- Awl
- Saw
- Can/Bottle Opener/Corkscrew Assist
- Corkscrew

Inside tools
- Pliers/Wire cutters
- Phillips
- 3 Flat Screwdrivers

How does it live up to it's promise?  Overall pretty good.

The knife is average, does what you want, it cuts.
The scissors are also average.  They are the 'springless' kind, using a back spring like Wenger.
The saw is short, but it will cut.
The awl doesn't really cut as it comes from the factory, but it's easy enough to put a real edge on it.
The can opener is fair.  It will open a can, but it also needs some attention with a stone.  It also just passes for a bottle opener and a corkscrew assist.  The latter is pretty unique in the MT/SAK world.  I've heard complaints that it will chip the lip of a bottle, but I haven't personally had that issue.
The corkscrew is typical SAK style, but the assist elevates it to the best of the SAK/MT world.
The phillips is a full blown '3D' driver, and the shank is square so it can use the LM hex bit adapter.
Of the 3 flat screwdrivers, I've only ever used the largest, and it works as intended.

In all, I think it meets the basic promise of putting a tool box in your pocket, although the 5.5 oz weight and slightly thicker body are noticeably heftier than it's S2 cousin (4.4 oz).

- A lot of tools in your pocket
- Scissors aren't tucked under the opener
- Best corkscrew (w/ assist) in a MT/SAK

- at 5.5 oz this is as heavy a tool I can pocket carry
- the awl and can opener are marginal
- don't really need 3 flat screwdrivers

- Steve



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