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Review of the Wenger SI 1363

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Review of the Wenger SI
« on: July 20, 2013, 02:48:34 AM »
I got to get in this giveaways

here is a short review of my first real multitool a Wenger solider

the Wenger soldier is a quality made knife /tool

I've own/used the same one since 97 it has held up to years of abuse and keeps coming back for more

the alox handles are amazingly strong . Mine has got run over by a truck, dropped a hundred times  and held together when I had to use it in a emergency to pry off a well built lock hinge using a pipe for extra leverage.

the awl might be my most used tool next to the blade. Its very strong and is easy to use. I've used it to make quick holes in all sorts of materials from plastic to tin always completing the task and sharp enough for more.

the blade. The 3 inch blade is just about perfect . Its size and shape work great for most everyday tasks. Its holds a edge well and is easy to sharpen. It does not lock and isn't one hand opening and that makes it legal to carry just about everywhere.

the opening layer. The can opener has a small flat tip that also works good in most Phillips screws. The bottle opener has a large flathead with a wire stripper built in and also works well as a pry tool 

the reason I bought a Wenger and not a Vic is the lanyard bail.  Its handy to hang it from on the shop wall or attaching a lanyard too for easier retrieval from the pocket or tied off to prevent loss.

I hope my quick review gets me entered.

I would really like to try the oht.

thanks Leatherman and MTO

edit 3 pros and 3 cons

1 Wenger has a great warranty
2 its a extremely well made tool
3 its perfect pocket size

1 non locking blades
2 the blade steel could be better
3 does not come with a sheath or pocket clip

let me know if this isn't good enough.

I wish I had more time to put into it.

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