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A knife-carrying guide for the international traveller.

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Re: A knife-carrying guide for the international traveller.
Reply #60 on: May 28, 2014, 05:26:45 PM
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Re: A knife-carrying guide for the international traveller.
Reply #61 on: May 28, 2014, 09:07:28 PM
All of you are still more than welcome in my cult. We need cult names and a secret handshake. :think:
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Re: A knife-carrying guide for the international traveller.
Reply #62 on: May 28, 2014, 09:09:56 PM
And that above is why I love you so stew you touch your own elf. Tom you can't even speak normal ask any wv local. You say I have a drawllllll well hell at least I'm understandable. You need spit that gunk outta ya mouth and speak clearer. :D

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Why yes, yes I do! And I'm frequently thinking of you or the rules of Cricket. It doesn't take much for me... ;)
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Re: A knife-carrying guide for the international traveller.
Reply #63 on: June 04, 2014, 09:08:09 AM
Nice wiki on this:

Apologies if it's already in the thread.
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Re: A knife-carrying guide for the international traveller.
Reply #64 on: June 24, 2014, 05:53:49 PM
in Turkey; balisongs, switcblades, daggers and big size fixeds can cause problem. If you have a low-profile you can walk around with an Endura in your pocket without no problem. once i landed on a Turkish Airlines plane with a Gerber  BG folding with sheath on my belt, on a public airport, but that was an extraordinary situation about a disaster mission.

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Re: A knife-carrying guide for the international traveller.
Reply #65 on: July 02, 2014, 05:56:58 AM
Knifelaws in Sweden.

First of all you are not allowed to carry any kind knife in public places.
Exampels of exeptions from that is if you are a carpenter and have your dedicated carpenter knife on you. Military with uniform.Out in the woods picking mushrooms having your dedicated mushroom knife. etc.

But there are really no restrictions of what you can owe. I think you can have any kind and size of knife,sword or machete.

As I understand it you have to be 21 to buy or owe certain knifes as autoknifes,stillettos or butterflyknifes.
Which is remarkable beacause the legal age for most things are 18.

This is the short version and I don´t know exactly how the law is used. For example I carry a small folder in a pouch stuffed away in my rucksack almost everyday. And I think thats legal. But I´m not sure.
As it is not easy accessible. As a "normal" citizen I´m not worried about it I think the law came to let the police take knifes and similiar weapons from people having them at wrong places as around soccer games  and such. The law is fairly new.
We had a popular polititian Anna Lindh whos was minister of foreign affairs that was murdered by a madman in a knife attack 10 years ago which also affected the sight of knifes in public places.

Actually the small changes in the law are excellent for the law abidding citizen and allows all pocket knifes and multi tools even though it leaves a lot up to the police officer. If you have no criminal intent you can carry what ever folder you whish the officer has to consider that you are carrying it as a weapon to be considered as a weapon.
Normally that means that if the police arrest someone shoplifting and he has a boxcutter he can add carrying the knife to the charges and confiscate it. If you go about your business you will have no problem.

Actually the exception for "normal pocket knifes" which leaves a lot to the officer but for the law abidding citizen and a tourist with a SAK should be just fine.
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Re: A knife-carrying guide for the international traveller.
Reply #66 on: January 23, 2015, 08:41:15 AM
I came across this topic and see that South Africa has not been covered.

Knives fall under the Dangerous Weapons Act, [Act No. 15 of 2013].
This act was brought in after the shooting of rioters and the use of "traditional weapons" at gatherings.
Firearms are controlled under another act. They used this pretence to enact it and us collectors and users made sure relevant provisions were made to protect our rights. Its a tricky one as it is an interpretation law and you get the wrong cop on the wrong day and you may be busy.

1. In this Act, unless the context otherwise indicates— ‘‘dangerous weapon’’
means any object, other than a firearm, capable of causing death or inflicting serious bodily harm, if it were used for an unlawful purpose.

Application of Act
This Act does not apply to the following activities:
(a) Possession of dangerous weapons in pursuit of any lawful employment, duty or activity;
(b) possession of dangerous weapons during the participation in any religious or cultural activities, or lawful sport, recreation, or entertainment; or
(c) legitimate collection, display or exhibition of weapons

Prohibition of possession of dangerous weapons
(1)Any person who is in possession of any dangerous weapon under circumstances
which may raise a reasonable suspicion that the person intends to use the dangerous
weapon for an unlawful purpose
, is guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine
or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding three years.
(2) In determining whether a person intends to use the object as a dangerous weapon
for an unlawful purpose, all relevant factors, including but not limited to, the following
must be taken into account:
(a) The place and time where the person is found;
(b) the behaviour of the person, including the making of any threat or the display of intimidatory behaviour;
(c) the manner in which the object is carried or displayed;
(d) whether the possession of the object was within the context of drug dealing, gang association or any organised crime or any other criminal activity; or
(e) any other relevant factors, including any explanation the person may wish to provide for his or her possession of the object: Provided that this paragraph shall not be interpreted as an obligation on the person to explain his or her possession of the object.

Use it for legal purpose its legal, use it for illegal purpose and its illegal. Doh!
There are no banned knives, you can have switch-blades, ballisongs, (They are just knives ffsakes)  locked blades , fixed blades , big ones, small ones,  OHO whatever.
Just don't be a C#^t. 
Walk down the street threatening people with your saber strapped to your belt and you will be asked to explain your intentions.
Threaten someone with your knife and you will get trouble (probably shot first before the police get there)
Heck, cutting biltong is a cultural thing that may not be infringed   >:D)

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Re: A knife-carrying guide for the international traveller.
Reply #67 on: January 23, 2015, 03:17:32 PM
USA Texas

Someone above said were pretty lax her in Texas...but we actually do have some rules.
This is most of what Penal Code 46 boils down to for both knives and firearms.
I also included HB195 which is currently in the submission/waiting to go to committee phase in the state house.

You can own almost any weapon you want. Carry and use it on real property all you want; that is land you own, lease or have specific permission and usually your car/truck/boat counts too.
 However public possession beyond transport from store to real property has some rules.

No blades over 5.5in, without having a real use (filet knife for a fisherman, machete for landscaper etc.)
No double edge blades (archery broad heads are exempt from this one)
No throwing knives, stars, and darts
No axes, tomahawks without a being a having a requirement for such like landscaping, reenacting, camping.
No swords or bowies, unless part of a ceremony, reenactment, or theater, etc.
No sword canes, or spears (spear head with out shaft is regulated as knife)
No clubs, batons,tire thumpers etc. unless you are a bonded security guard.
No brass knuckles, blackjacks, nunchuck, slaps or saps
No chemical weapons (except basic pepper spray type items)
No body armor if you have a felony record, this includes steel plate, real or makeshift
No anything in a school, courthouse, prison, and some government office buildings.

Switchblades and ballisongs are legal to carry as long as they fall under 5.5in and single edge like any other knife.
All martial arts weapons are legal in the dojo even if banned for public carry this counts as a real use exception
No lock back knives in the city of San Antonio (local law)
Ballistic Knives are 50 state illegal as per Federal law.

No possession for felons, domestic violence records, or restraining orders....duh there's a big list of offences and determinations both state and federal that can and will get you banned from posessing or attempting to purchase a firearm.

No open carry of hand guns, licensed carry (CCW) is permitted after class, background check, fingerprints, and range qualifier (takes about 6wks for paper work and a total cost 250-300usd on average) It is about as much paper work, and costs more than the federal form 4 to get permission to buy a machine gun we're just lucky it doesn't take a year to process or require special permission from the sheriff like a form 4 does.

We do honor out of state licenses.
CCW Weapon must stay concealed, with reasonable effort, we are not going to bust you if your shirt pills out or flaps in the breeze but if you are flashing your holster your go'in for a ride.
No possession including CCW holders in any building marked with a "30.06 sign" at the main entrance, using a side entrance to avoid the sign is not an excuse. "30.06" signage is a specific sign baring firearms from a property, and it must be the proper sign placed visibly out in the open. Obeying non 30.06 signs is a courtesy not a requirement and does not carry the extra possession charge, they can only get you for trespass if you refuse to leave when asked. 

No possession in a bar
No open possession in a restaurant with a bar.
No possession in school, hospital, amusement park, government building, and a bunch of other places.

Open carry of long guns is permitted any ware that does not have a specific location ban as above. This includes all rifles, shotguns and appropriate NFA items (with paper work on you of course).
You may not carry in a threating manor or in such a way to cause alarm or panic.
Black powder pistols/revolvers are legal for open carry as well.

There is an additional Weapons ban from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission making "unlicensed possession of a weapon" in any place that sells alcohol a felony offence.
That includes bars, restaurants, liquor stores, gas stations, and groceries.

There is a new piece of legislation here in TX that will change a lot of this if passed....
HB195 is a "Constitutional Carry" that basically means if you legally are allowed to own a firearm you can carry it open or concealed no jumping through hoops for another license beyond the form 4473 and the NICS background check that's already done at purchase in all firearms stores and shows.
But what people don't talk about is in re-writing PC46a to remove the extra license requirement they also removed the wording for "possession of "illegal knife" and "illegal club"" meaning many of those knife restrictions, as well as the ban on tomahawks and batons should go away unless specifically re-written. It does not remove the definition of "illegal knife/club" from the glossary but rather removes the "possession of" from the law its self with trickle down re-writes to bring the rest of PC46 in line to the changes. 
So the glossary should update as well.
 And the TxABC ban will need to be updated too for this to work.
So It has a long way to go.

Texas is one if only 4 states (believe that was the number) that does not allow open carry of hand guns; In spite of the Federal Supreme Court ruling that "open was a right" and "concealed was a privilege" and that you could "no more ban arms by type than you could ban free speech by media/format" I'm paraphrasing a little here since I don't have the case opinions in front of me at the moment. So this would actually bring Texas in line with the Court ruling and give a bit more too.

Sorry for rambling but I wanted to be thorough on Texas laws both current and hopefully pending as It is often mis-represented as the "the wild west " or that we "can carry whatever we want" and still "have show downs in the streets at hi noon".
Arguments both for and against possession often have more to do with such stereotypes than they do with reality and I only seek to inform here not argue or debate..
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Re: A knife-carrying guide for the international traveller.
Reply #68 on: January 11, 2017, 06:46:55 PM
Just to clarify the Brittish rules. Any multitool or knife needs a justifiable reason. If your hiking up a mountain you can carry a small knife. If you are walking along a path, you cannot (you wouldent need one or a normal road).

Similarly multitools with blades are the same, if you are camping in the wilderness or on a jobsite in the city, you can justify carrying one. But if you are on your lunch break and nip to macdonalds with it still on your belt, that is illeagal and if cought you can be charged.

The whole jist is you need immeadate justification. You could need it at work, but you wouldent need it going to work. This works with multi tools, knifes are more restricted, basicaly camping in the woodsis ok But not traveling. And not for large knives, parangs, machetes, you better be on a training course to carry one of those

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Re: A knife-carrying guide for the international traveller.
Reply #69 on: January 27, 2017, 02:09:36 PM
PA Knife law: No blade length restriction, you can carry a butcher knife concealed if you want as long as you don't commit a crime with it. Switchblades, gravity knives, double edged dirks or daggers are NOT permitted to be carried outside of the residence except for theater...

CCW: Permit costs $15.00 and is issued by the county Sheriff's Office. Paperwork is minimal and the process takes about 20 minutes. You may carry anywhere except for schools, courthouses, federal buildings.

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Re: A knife-carrying guide for the international traveller.
Reply #70 on: February 27, 2017, 04:28:12 PM
I'm confused about the British laws as explained on this thread. It is my understanding that a non locking folding knife under 3" is legal to carry. Full stop.

Seems pretty clear here:

You do not require a good reason to carry a folding knife 3" or less. Full stop. That's from the horses mouth. Anything else is just scare mongering or authority power tripping. I believe that there is a card with this law printed on it that can be carried to show police who are trying to enforce a non existent law.

This does not of course allow one to use anything as an offensive weapon, or give rise to the accusation of such,

(I'm a Manchester boy though I don't currently live in the UK)
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Re: A knife-carrying guide for the international traveller.
Reply #71 on: February 27, 2017, 04:47:05 PM
Knife carrying in Israel.

The law is split between whether the onus of proof of intent is on the police or on the individual.

Any locking, fixed blade knife or non locking blade over 10cm is assumed to be carried for illegal purpose unless the individual can show that they were carrying the knife for a legal reason. This incidentally also applies to blunt trauma weapons, etc. There is a loophole that a multitool is commonly assumed to be a tool rather than a knife. If you are going camping and have a knife or are a builder with a hammer then that is fine. Having either of those in a mall without a good reason and you will be taken in for questioning and the possibility of arrest. Self defence is not considered as an excuse for carrying a blade.

Any non locking folding blade under 10cm is assumed to be carried for a legal purpose and the onus is on the police to prove otherwise.

I do not know of any restrictions of knife types whatsoever but some might prove very difficult to explain as having a legal purpose for carry. Such as a dagger or tactical blade in the street.

All knives without exception are illegal to carry in government buildings, schools or other public places such as malls, bus stations or hospitals unless there is a demonstrable necessity for having them there such as builders or returning an item for repair, etc. Security is very tight on such places but also intelligent. I've been stopped going into the mall with my Leatherman, waved through and told to leave it at home next time. I've seen a cook when entering a government building declare their large chef's knife wrapped only in a dirty cloth and they asked him just to leave it there till he left.

Being intelligent is key. There are far more terrorist/criminal stabbings than shootings in the country, it is a Middle Eastern country and the criminal weapon of choice will almost always be a knife. The laws are based on real world problems. A locking or fixed blade in the city will raise some serious eyebrows. A Victorinox or Leatherman (though locking) will raise almost none.
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