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WTT: Flashlights for Multitools! 1189

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WTT: Flashlights for Multitools!
« on: May 21, 2008, 02:20:54 PM »
What I'm after:

SOG Paratools or pretty much anything else in the multi realm. I tried to sell these lights for about a month or so on various sites and never managed to move them so I'm open to any offer. I'm getting tired of looking at them.  :P

Wolf-Eyes 9M.

Condition: Used, good condition. *The clickie switch on this light has ceased to click, the light can still be activated and used as a twistie but the clickie does not work, a new switch costs 12$. This light includes 6 total lamps, 3 of the balanced RICO Alpha 9 lamps and 3 of the newer Wolf-Eyes D36 lamps. Can accept either 2x18650 rechargeable Li-Ion cells or 3x123A Lithium Primaries.

Underwater Kinetics 4xAA Incandescent light (AS2).

Basically this light is this body:
Running these lamps for a significant output increase:
Condition: Used and in fair condition, this light has been carried and used a lot and shows medium wear on the bezel and body. 7 lamps total are included, 6 of the higher output rechargeable lamps and 1 of the regular 4xAA lamps. This light can be run on regular alkalines or NiMH for longer runtimes.

Spares carriers are not for trade.

A.)Wolf-Eyes D26 Bulb, new variety, fits Surefire P/C-series heads. <1 hour runtime.
B.)Wolf-Eyes D26 Bulb, new variety, fits Surefire P/C-series heads. <1 hour runtime.



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