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Tourist Knife/MT shopping suggestions in Prague, Czech Republic (pic heavy)

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Tourist Knife/MT shopping suggestions in Prague, Czech Republic

Hi, everyone.

This is an unofficial guide for tourists' knife/MT shopping in Prague, Czech.  It is merely based on my own tourist experience during Dec, 2013, and by no means an exhaustive list.  Do view these as my humble service to those who has a little time to visit, and like to do a little knife/MT buying on the side.  If any locals could provide better guidance, please kindly do so.

To begin, I like to thank those who had made suggestions on my travelling thread and also different writeups I found on this forum and Blade forum.  The following shop names/addresses should be accurate.  But if I have mistaken it, please feel free to correct me.



I have visited Prague for three days, and did get a chance to visit the following places.  I do recommend them for anyone who is making a short trip:

Old Town Square
Prague Castle (if time is limited, take the 'short tour' combined tickets)
St. Vitus's Cathedral (within Castle)
Zlata Ulicka(Goldern lane, within Castle)
Charles Bridge

I found this interesting weapon/armor collection/duplicates in Zlata Ulicka, looks like they too have Final Fantasy V and Angry birds back in Medieval time. :D   J/K

Shortly after Zlata Ulicka, I found a Toy Museum up in a tower.  And there I found 'kinky bear' and Barbie #1(She supposed to be on 'tour' and now currently hanging out in Prague) :D


Knife/MT shopping in Prague
I can't say I know a whole lot about local knives in Prague, but from what I gathered, Mikov sounds to be a large and reputable local manufacturer in Czech.  So my knife/MT shopping is somewhat centered about getting Mikov products and any rare to find SAK I bumped into.

Victorinox Shop
Jungmannovo náměstí 5
Praha 1
Tel.: 224 282 819
Otevírací doba:
Po - Pá 10:00 - 19:00
So - Ne 10:00 - 18:00

5-10 min walk from old town sq(close to Victory), about 500m South of Old town square on Map.

Friendly staff, they carry all the standard SAK common models, but no rare to find models.  The shop is partner with Kidpling, which also has a decent selection for Victorinox watch and luggage

Victory - 1.Narodni Nozirstvi
Narodni 43,
110 00 Praha 1,
tel +420 224 212 469
Po-S 9-19
Ne 10-17

This knife/MT shop is 5-10 min walk from old town sq, just about 1-2 min walk from the Victorinox Shop(West of Victorinox Shop).  It is directly ~500m South of old town square on Map.

It has a large display of knives, most well known US and European brands can be seen here.  Also has a decent amount of Mikov knives displayed.  I got a real stag and woodern Mikov MT here.  Shopkeepers here are ok, but are a little reluctant to let me handle all the knives that interest me, better ask to handle the knife only if you are interested to buy.

Svět nožů (world of knives)
Mgr. Wissam Doumit
Náměstí republiky 8 - OD Kotva, 110 00 Praha 1
Phone: 224 801 523
Everyday from 1000-2000

This decent knife/MT shop is found in a large mall, OD Kotva.  This mall is W of a larger mall,
PALLADIUM, and it is also rather close to a subway station.

The display might not seemed be as comprehensive as Victory(but seems to have more mt than Victory) but very friendly staff and  quite knowledgeable.  They are willing to show me everything that I like to see/try and do give great intro to their products.  Good display of Mikov knife, covering their auto/fixed/military/mt lines.  I handled many different knives before deciding what I like to get, and had a great time there.  I ended up getting a fish knife, mikov SAK 111mm lookalike, Ricardo metal scaled mt.

Nožířství Platýz
Národní 37, 110 00 Praha 1
Phone: 224 228 633
I have seen people recommend this shop on Blade forum, but can't find this shop in the platyz court(which is just 1 min walk away from Narodni Nozirstvi).  I assume it might be the same shop as Narodni Nozirstvi, just relocated.


Tips of finding/buying knife/MT as a tourist in Europe:
--Before you go, it best to find local friends/Conceirge of your hotel to verify the shop address/hours
--Again, name a few well known European brands of knives and check with hotel concerige to see whether the knife shop you are going does carry them.
--Not everything listed on BF/MTO are accurate or up-to-date, I have found some shops relocated or disappeared.
--Most shops close early, and on average, I'd suggest to go before 6pm
--There is correlation between knife/MT shop vs "Zwilling JA Henckels" kitchen knife brand.  Personally, it is about 70% chance of finding a knife shop while it is also a Zwilling JA Henckels dealer, in all the cities I visited.
--Use google map and 'street view' to see whether there is an actual shop there on the street, and check to see what's the walking distance to best plan your visits.

Good luck, and safe travelling!  :tu:
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A few more pix of what I got from Prague:

The 'fish' knife is interesting since it is one of the first Mikov offering when it first started, and this 111mm is rather similar to Victorinox 111mm Non-OHO plan-edge Trekker.  The quality is not quite the same level as Victorinox product, but there is some innovation where they have 'liner' lock to both the blade and the wood saw which I think is an interesting deviation to the 111mm SAK.

I got this 'Hiker' and 'Fixir' models from Mikov, mainly due to the material they used for the handle.  Fixir has genuine deer stag for handle, and the blade is lock-back blade with a protruding button(could be bad if more force is applied and unlocked accidentally).  The steel is 440A, nothing 'spectacular' but at least it has good rust resistant.  Fixir has zero blade play which is great.  But Hiker and the previous SAK-alike model both has a fair amount of blade play.

I missed out when it is more widely available when it first came out, and just can't resist getting them in a retail.

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Some really interesting shops and cool pictures of the city. :tu:

I like the chicken armor. :D  Even the legs. This guide will be great next time I'm in Prague. If I can avoid all the beerhouses. :drink:


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Prague is a beautiful city, and very photogenic.  If I were to ask a girl back home where she'd like to go in Europe, a good 50%+ will include Prague in their list.  But in reality, they also have the highest dog 'land mines' I have seen in my trip.  When I went there, it's high season for Christmas market, and the old town square was so packed that people can hardly move across the square.  But all in all, we had fun sight-seeing.  :)

The little alley museum that features the 'chicken' armor was pretty fascinating to me.  I am not an expert in medieval/historical armor and warfare, but I guess 'headbutt' or 'clawed' with the chicken armor should be fun to see.  >:D :D



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