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Tourist MT/knife shopping suggestions in London, UK (pic heavy)

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Tourist Knife/MT shopping suggestions in London, UK

Hi, all. :D

This is an unofficial guide for tourists' knife/MT shopping in London, UK.  It is merely based on my own tourist experience during Dec, 2013, and by no means an exhaustive list.  Do view these as my humble service to those who has a little time to visit, and like to do a little knife/MT buying on the side. 

London is a big city, but it does have pretty strict knife law; it is probably not as easy to locate any knife-only retail in the city as a tourist(but we have so many UK members that they probably could make some good suggestions), so if anyone could furnish the info that did be great.

To begin, I like to thank those who had made suggestions on my travelling thread and also different writeups I found on this forum and Blade forum.  The following shop names/addresses should be accurate.  But if I have mistaken it, please feel free to correct me.



I visted London for 4 days, and I do recommend the following if you are there for a short trip.  Many friends did make wonderful suggestions in my thread and do have a look as well:

London Eye
Westminster Abbey
British Museum (if you like history, this will probably take a full day)
Wallace Collection (a good mix of everything, good for weapons/armoury)
Buckingham Palace (book tour tickets early, very limited)
Seeking advice for travelling to Europe

If you ever go with a lady friend/wife, this is one stop that you may not be able escape.  The top floor has a large toy section and a 'spy gadget' section which is rather fun to visit.  :2tu:


Knife/MT shopping in London
I hardly know much about London knife/MT shopping, but from what little I gathered from different forums, the heart of the city doesn't have a lot of pure knives shop there.  And many probably got their knives from online shops in UK anyway.  However, I was happy to get a chance to visit a large Victorinox Retail and Blacks for knife/MT/outdoor gears shopping:

Victorinox Retail  :climber:
95 New Bond Street
London w1s 1db
+44 (0) 20 7495 8788

This Victorinox retail is the first flagship retail for Europe.  It is near Bond street station(just 2-3 min walk, SE of station on google map) and does offer a large collection of standard SAK line, luggage and clothing.

In the lower level, you could find their SAK offerings as well as the Spartan self-assembly machine and engraving.  If you'd like to try assemble a SAK yourself, you will need to reserve a spot/time to use the assembly machine and their technician a few days ahead of time.  The assembly time will take about 30-45min/knife.

I got knife assembly kit there, and two black staghorn swisschamp there.  Unfortunately they were out of 'Duke of Edinburgh' SAK, but a very friendly staff there were very kind to give me many good suggestions on where I could possibly find it.  He even helped to make calls to other outdoor shops to try to locate it.  Excellent service to say the least.  :tu:

316-318 Regent Street,
London W1B 3AY,
United Kingdom
+44 20 7167 6792
+44 20 7636 8462

(sorry no extra pictures there, wife is getting grumpy...time to go fast) :facepalm:

This is a large chian outdoor shop in London, and this shop is only 3min walk from oxford circuit station(N of station).  And about 10 min walk from the Victorinox Retail(HQ), approx 500m NE of Victorinox Retail on Google map.

The shop has some for everything but carries a small selection for well known MT and knives.  Luckily I was able to find the "Duke of Edinburgh" SAK there, and their staff was very helpful to dig out the SAK from deep inside their stock cabin.  :salute:


Tips of finding/buying knife/MT as a tourist in London:
--Respect their local law, do be sure what you EDC is a slipjoint and blade well under 3".
--Before you go, it best to find local friends/Conceirge of your hotel to verify the shop address/hours
--Again, name a few well known European brands of knives and check with hotel concerige to see whether the knife shop you are going does carry them.
--Not everything listed on BF/MTO are accurate or up-to-date, I have found some shops relocated or disappeared.
--Most shops close early, and on average, I'd suggest to go before 6pm
--Use google map and 'street view' to see whether there is an actual shop there on the street, and check to see what's the walking distance to best plan your visits.

Have fun, and safe travelling!  :D
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