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Any Non-Jeepers Out There (4x4s)? :P 17124

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Re: Any Non-Jeepers Out There (4x4s)? :P
« Reply #510 on: October 17, 2020, 11:11:36 PM »
Ah....replying to 2 year old posts....

Regional naming habits make it a bit hard to keep track of things...

The 4Runner was usually a grey import into Australia - a popular choice as it used the beloved Hilux Chassis with a wagon body (lately replaced with the Fortuna)

Locally the Prado is not considered a "true" landcruiser, due to being offered in the smaller size and engine capacity, but a hugely popular option with the wealthier families who want reasonable off road and towing ability, but marginally easier parking in shopping centres :P (which, given that they probably do a lot more parking in shopping centres than 4WDing is probably fair)

the bigger Landies (70 Series, and the 60-80-100-200 series) are considered the kings of the road, and a kitted out 70 is the "Default" dream of any true off roader - although as often as not as much ability can be had for a quarter of the price.

Until recently, American trucks were not available here, so Landcruisers or Nissan Patrols were what you got if you meant business (my understanding is that Patrols are not broadly distributed in the USA?)

If you want to kill some time, go to any Australian 4x4 forum and say "GQs are better than 80 Series" or "80 Series is better than GQ" and watch the ensuing pointless arguments over two cars that are both (or were) top notch.

They still fetch an absolute premium second hand due mostly to their reputation, but occasionally due to their actual quality. Most are flogged out by now....

Anyway, what I really wanted to discuss was the Jimny/Sierra!

They were pulled from the local market a few years ago due to no longer meeting our safety requirements for new vehicles (given that Suzuki had not updated the design much in decades) until the 2019 one struck!'s the thing, (and this is a counterpoint to something someone wrote about bigger tyres and lift kits ets) - the Sierra/Jimny's main selling point was that is was simple mechanically, and had smurf all mass, and was a cheap entry -  You didn't NEED to upgrade anything, because it would just hop bounce and skip over any problems - as soon as you start "kitting" them out, they lose their charm and use, heavier suspension, dual batteries, roof storage, big wheels/tyres - all of a sudden you've got a tiny, heavy, underpowered shopping trolley.

I have not had the opportunity to test drive the new model yet, but I fear for all that it looks like a baby jeep or G wagon, it has stepped aside from its roots, or rather, has tried to keep it's roots, but also tried (be have been required) to add a variety of modern upgrades, so you've got a car that is sort of okay at a few things, rather than excellent at one or two things.

Thanks to demand, the current price to get a 2019 Jimny is silly for what it is supposed to be (Cheap adolescent fun), you can get any number of far more comfortable and featured, and likely only marginally less capable off road vehicles for the same dollars.

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Re: Any Non-Jeepers Out There (4x4s)? :P
« Reply #511 on: October 18, 2020, 08:02:17 PM »
I'd have to check but I've been told the new Jimny was pulled from the UK market due to not meeting emission standards.  There is definitely at lest a couple on the roads near me though. 

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